The Death of Frank Niedzialkosky

My great-great uncle, Frank Niezialkosky died in 1955.

Death Certificate for Frank Niedzialkosky

The Death Certificate for Frank Niedzialkosky

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Death Certificate.  The document states that:

  • Frank died at his residence on Tuttle Road in Sterling, Worcester County, Massachusetts where he had lived for 42 years
  • Frank died at 9 P.M. on October 23, 1955 of arteriosclerotic heart disease
  • He had been treated by Walter F. Crosby, M.D. from September 1, 1952 until his death
  • Frank was buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Gardner, Massachusetts on October 26, 1955 by funeral director John W. Bobka of 149 Franklin Street, Clinton, Massachusetts
  • Frank was a 78-year old, white male, married to Ceslevia Bonislawski
  • His usual occupation was that of a moulder in a steel foundry
  • His Social Security Number was not obtainable
  • Frank was born in Poland, and was the son of Wojciech Niedzialkosky and Julia Gutowska, both born in Poland
  • The informant of Frank’s death was his wife, Ceslavia Niedzialkosky, Tuttle Road, Sterling

This record is of great importance in tracing both my own ancestors and those of Frank’s descendants, because it lists the names of Frank’s parents, and Frank’s parents are my great-great-grandparents.

The information on this record agrees with that on Frank’s Birth and Baptismal Record:

  • The Birth and Baptismal Record shows that Frank Niedzialkosky’s name at birth was Franciszek Niedziałkowski
  • The Birth and Baptismal Record shows that Frank was born in 1876; the Death Certificate shows that he was born in 1876-1877
  • The Birth and Baptismal Record shows that Frank’s parents were Wojciech Niedziałkowski and Julianna Gutowska; the Death Certificate lists the parents as Wojciech Niedzialkosky and Julia Gutowska

Frank’s place of death was Tuttle Road in Sterling, Massachusetts, and so he died at his farm, called Sky Farm.  I don’t know why the farm was named Sky Farm.  Perhaps one of Frank’s direct descendants knows.

The entry for Frank’s Social Security Number states “no obtainable”.  Since Frank’s usual occupation was listed as “moulder, steel factory”, I would expect that Frank would have been required to apply for a Social Security Number, but the number is not listed on this Death Certificate.  I also find it interesting that, although Frank owned a farm, his usual occupation was a moulder in a steel factory.

The Death Certificate shows that Frank was born in Poland, but does not specify where in Poland.  Without a more specific location, it would be impossible to find Polish records for Frank and his ancestors.  Fortunately, I knew that my grandfather was from Pomoski, a village that was part of the Szwelice Parish in the Łomża Gubernia in Kingdom Poland, and that’s exactly where I found Frank’s Birth and Baptismal Record.

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