Photographs of Grandmother Danko

Nanny Danko died 37 years ago this month.  Today, in her memory, I’m publishing a few photographs of her.

World War II

During World War II

This photograph is apparently related to my Uncle Joe’s service in the Army during World War II.  I’m not sure of the exact date or location, but since Joe enlisted on January 16, 1941 and World War II ended in 1945, I assume the photo was taken in that time period in or around Worcester, Massachusetts.  From the left, in the back are Grandfather Michael Danko, George McGinn, Bertha (Danko) McGinn, Joseph Danko, Grandmother Marianna (Dziurzyńska) Danko, Michael Danko.  From the left, in front are Marguerite McGinn, and Geraldine McGinn.

Danko Anniversary

The 50th Anniversary Party

This photograph was taken at Marianna and Michael Danko’s 50th Anniversary party in August 1948.  The photograph was taken in my Aunt Statia (Danko) Iwaniec’s house on Knox Street in Albany, New York.  The knife my grandparents are using to cut the cake was made by their son Michael.

Steve's First Christmas

My First Christmas

This photograph was taken at my parents’ house in Albany, New York in December 1955.  Nanny Danko is holding me on her lap and my sister Beverly is standing next to us.

Steve's Confirmation

My Confirmation

This photograph was taken at Nanny Danko’s apartment in Albany, New York on April 25, 1965, the day of my Confirmation (hence, the robe I’m wearing).  In this photo, you can see the picture of Jesus that Nanny kissed so often.  I was a geek.

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3 Responses to Photographs of Grandmother Danko

  1. Barbara Poole says:

    Steve, I really enjoyed these photos from your family album. Thank you for sharing your tears and smile with us.

  2. Thanks, Barbara! I enjoyed writing about my grandmother, and I’m glad I took the time to get these memories down in print. I’m sure if my sisters were to write about their memories of Nanny Danko, they would have completely different stories to tell. I’ll have to interview them the next time I see them and find out what those stories are.

  3. Barbara Dziurzyńska says:

    I live in Poland – my family – my Father Zygmunt Dziurzyński- from Lvov-Krakow.(My grandpa Antoni )I’m his doughter – Barbara. I have family in Wrocław, Sanok.Is Marianna my family? May be…

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