Family Names on the Nienadowa Field Sketches

In looking over the 1854 field sketches of Nienadowa, I found Wawrzyniec Trupiło, or rather I found two men named Wawrzyniec Trupiło, one named the elder and one named the younger.

Nienadowa, Galicia - 1854 (Map 19)

Nienadowa, Galicia - 1854 (Map 19)

SOURCE: “Map of the Village of Nienadowa, Galicia – 1854 (Map 19).” Published 1854. Feldskizzen (Field Sketches), Fond 186, Opys 9, Sprava 611. State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine.

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I believe that Wawrzyniec Trupiło the elder is the father-in-law of Katarzyna Dańko, about whom I have written before. Wawrzyniec Trupiło’s land is very close to those of Count Eustachy Dembiński, a wealthy noble whose family owned Nienadowa. Eustachy Dembinski lived in house number 1. His lands occupy most of this map.

The surnames on this map which are also in my family tree include:

  • Wawrzyniec Trupiło in house number 16 (my probable second cousin twice removed, Katarzyna Dańko, married Wawrzyniec’s son Jan Trupiło).
  • Jan Bębenek in house number 24 (my first cousin, three times removed, Zofia Dańko, married Antoni Bębenek).
  • Wawrzyniec Bębenek in house number 28 (my first cousin, three times removed, Zofia Dańko, married Antoni Bębenek).
  • Jan Jach in house number 29 (my third great grandfather is Wojciech Jach).
  • Jan Pilch in house number 166 (the midwife who delivered my grandfather and several other relatives was Agnieszka Pilch).

In addition to learning where everyone in Nienadowa resided, these maps may actually be able to help me reconstruct some family lines. I really have to study these maps in detail.

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