The Birth and Baptism of Michał Markiewicz

A year before the birth of Wawrzyniec Markiewicz, another son was born to Tomasz Markiewicz and Franciszka Piątkowa – Michał (Michael).

The birth and baptismal record for Michal Markiewicz

Birth and Baptismal Record for Michał Markiewicz

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth and Baptismal Record for Michał Markiewicz – 1890.  The record states:

117.  Braciejowice – Markiewicz Michał

This happened in the village of Piotrawin on the 22nd day of July / 3rd day of August 1890 at one in the afternoon.  Tomasz Markiewicz appeared in person, age 31, a house owner in the village of Braciejowice, in the presence of Piotr Fatz, age 29, and Franciszek Turski, age 52, house owners in the village of Braciejowice – and he presented to us a child of the male sex, stating that it was born in the village of Braciejowice on this date, the 22nd of July / 3rd of August of this year, at six o’clock after midnight – of his lawful wife Franciszka nee Piontkowa, age 25.  To this child at Holy Baptism performed on this date was given the name of Michał, and his godparents were the above-mentioned Piotr Fata and Agnieszka Makosiowa.  This document was read to the declarant father and to the witnesses, all of whom are illiterate, and signed by us.

Rev. C. Trembiński, pastor of the Piotrawin Parish – Keeper of the documents of the civil state

The Birth and Baptismal Record shows that Michał (Michael) was born at 6 AM on August 3, 1890 in Braciejowice, baptized at 1 PM on the same day in Piotrawin, his father was Tomasz (Thomas) Markiewicz, his mother was Franciszka (Frances) Piontkowa, his godparents were Piotr (Peter) Fatz and Agnieszka (Agnes) Makosiowa, and he was baptized by the Rev. C. Trembiński.

The surnames of the two women are feminized.  The masculine form of the surname Makosiowa is probably Makosz, and that of the surname Piontkowa (or Piątkowa) is probably Piątek.  One of the named witnesses was Franciszek Turski, who was also a witness for the baptism of Stanisław Markiewicz.

At the very top of the document, the page number in the record book is noted – page 355.  Also, there is a stamp.  I’m not sure what the first word is, but the second line says “Nowo Aleksandryski”.  The villages of Braciejowice and Piotrawin were in the Nowo Aleksandryja Powiat, Lublin Gubernia, Kingdom of Poland, Russia.

According to this document, Tomasz was born in 1858-1859 and Franciszka was born in 1865-1866.  When considering their ages in the three previous baptismal records, Tomasz was born between 1857 and 1859, and Franciszka was born between 1862 and 1868.

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  1. christine says:

    my name is Christine. I have family by the name of Markiewicz that I have been searching for information on. I was told they started out in Oil City PA and there were many children. My great grandfather (Michael Joseph Marikiewicz) stated his parents to be Simon and Julia but things we found stated that his folks names were simon and Lottie (though it was hard to read). I have always been interested in finding out all I can. I found out that at some point they moved to a state begining with an M but to be honest, I can’t remember which one. I know there were MANY siblings of Michael.

  2. christine says:

    One more thing.. Michael eventually ended up in Boston.

  3. Valeria Marcavage Davis says:

    I am thrilled to find this Markiewicz information and am wondering if my grandfather, John Markiewicz fits into this family some how. He immigrated to the coal regions of Pennsylvania around 1895 with a wife and daughter , Anna. This wife died and he sent for my grand mother ,
    Josephine Demsky to marry him. She came in 1901 and listed her home as Suwalki. I don’t know his first wife name but she was supposed to be a sister of Josephine so I am assuming they all lived in Suwalki . Anna was born in 1893 . An information is appreciated as I have ben searching for information since 1994. I have not been able to find John and his wife and child on any passenger list.

  4. Valeria Marcavage Davis says:

    I forgot to mention that according to census records John was born around 1860 and Josephine in 1878 . They were married in Sept. 1901 in Shenandoah , Schuylkill County , Paennsylvania . John died in 1937 in Arnouts Additon , SChuylkill County and Josephine died in1945. Their son , Anthony was my father . The laast name was changed in the 1930s.

  5. christine says:

    Hi, I totally forgot that I posted here. Has anyone had anything sound familiar from what i posted?

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