Three Men in Uniform

While I was visiting relatives in Worcester, Massachusetts last week, I was given this photograph of three men in uniform from a collection of family photographs. But, who are these men? What is the date of this photograph? What kind of uniforms are they wearing?

Three Men in Uniform

Three Men in Uniform

SOURCE: Three Men in Uniform (apparently Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA). Apparently photographed by Knight Photographic Studio in Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA on an unknown date.

These may have been friends of my grandfather. My first guess was that these men were members of Haller’s Polish Army in France during World War I, but the uniforms don’t match those of Haller’s Army.

The photo is pasted onto a board marked “Knight, Worcester, Mass”, so I assume it was photographed at Knight Photographic Studio in Worcester, but I certainly could be wrong about that.

Perhaps some kind reader could shed some light on this photograph.

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2 Responses to Three Men in Uniform

  1. Donna says:


    That’s hysterical that you and Lisa both posted such similar (yet different!) photos. With this one, the key features for identification purposes are the caps (unusual style) and the insignia on them. I love trying to figure out such mysteries, but I only had time for a short search and couldn’t figure it out. If you don’t get an answer in this venue, there are several military collectible message boards that allow you to post photos (or you can direct them here). Those guys are experts at this stuff. Good luck!


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