Is That Great Aunt Stephania in the 1930 Census?

Drew Smith (one of the Genealogy Guys) wrote to tell me that he may have found my Great Aunt Stephania in the 1930 Census.  Recently I found that in 1910, Stephania (or Stefania) was living in a convent in Shamokin, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  Drew found someone who seems to match her stats in the 1930 Census in Coal Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.

1930 Census Record for Stephania Chmielewski

Stephania Chmielewski in the 1930 Census

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the US Federal Census Record for Stephania Chmielewski – 1930.  The census record shows that:

  • Stephania was listed on line 65 of Sheet No. 13B, Supervisor’s District No. 9, Enumeration District No. 49-10 in (part of) Coal Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania
  • Stephania was a lodger in a house on 851 Chestnut Street where the head of household was Emelia Florek
  • All of the lodgers in the household were either teachers in a parochial school or domestics performing housework
  • A priest and a clergyman live in the next household enumerated
  • Stephania is listed as a single, white, female, 44 years old
  • She was not attending school, and could read and write
  • She was from Poland, as were her parents, and her native tongue was Polish
  • She immigrated in 1900, was an alien, and could speak English
  • She was employed as a domestic performing housework

The information provided in the census matches up well with the information I have on Great Aunt Stephania.  The index has her listed as Stephania Chmielinski, but the actual census record could be interpreted as Chmielewski.  Her age is right on the money; since she was born on January 7, 1886 her age should be 44.  Stephania immigrated in 1901, but the census record looks like either 1900 or 1910.  If it actually says 1900, it’s not far off.

The census lists Stephania’s occupation as a domestic performing housework in a house full of teachers.  The house was apparently near a house with a priest and a clergyman.  This is consistent with what I know about Stephania, since I know that she was very religious, was living in a convent in 1910, and later worked as a housekeeper in a rooming house in Massachusetts.

I know Stephania was living in Shamokin, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania in 1910.  Coal Township is adjacent to Shamokin.  Moreover,  I know from her naturalization records that Stephania was not living continuously in Massachusetts until 1933.  Thus, Coal Township is a reasonable location, based on information in other sources.

This looks like it’s the correct census record for Great Aunt Stephania.

Now, it looks like I should search religious records and school records for the Roman Catholic Diocese to which Northumberland County belonged (the Harrisburg Diocese).  Perhaps I can learn more about Stephania in those records.

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