The Marriage of Jakub Dańko & Agnieszka Sowa

A while back, I published the Birth and Baptismal Records for my Uncle Jan Dańko, my Aunt Zofia Dańko, and my Grandfather Michał Dańko, all born in Nienadowa, and baptised in Dubiecko, Galicia (Austria-Poland).  The information on the Birth and Baptismal Records for Uncle Jan and Aunt Zofia showed that they were the children of Grandfather Michał (no surprise there).

The next document in the family line is the Marriage Record for Michał’s parents, Jakub Dańko and Agnieszka Sowa, married in the church in Dubiecko, Galicia.

Marriage Record of Jakub Danko and Agnieszka Sowa

Marriage Record for Jakub Dańko and Agnieszka Sowa

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Record.  The record, like other records from this part of Poland, is written in columnar form and in Latin.  The record is a bit more complex than others because it includes some writing in Polish.

The record states that:

  • The couple was married in Dubiecko on October (8ber) 18, 1870; their marriage was the 6th marriage for a couple from Nienadowa in 1870
  • Jakub Dańko was a farmer, the legitimate son of the legally married couple Pawel Dańko and Zofia Szymańska, farmers
  • Jakub was from house number 122, and was a 27 year old Catholic, never before married
  • Agnieszka Sowa was the daughter of the legally married couple Maciej Sowa and Katarzyna Jach, farmers
  • Agnieszka was from house number 105, and was a 16 year old Catholic, never before married
  • The witnesses were Antoni Sowa and Michał Zaleski, farmers
  • The officiant was Reverend Niedzialski
  • Because Agnieszka was only 16 years old at the time of her marriage, her father had to give his permission for the marriage and the witnesses attested to not only the marriage, but the fact that Agnieszka’s father gave his permission

The Latin headers mean:

  • Sponsus = Groom
  • Sponsa = Bride
  • Testes = Witnesses
  • Dies et Mensis = Day and Month
  • Nrus Domus = House Number
  • Nomen = Name
  • Nomina = Names
  • Religio = Religion
  • Catholica = Catholic
  • Aut alia = Anything else (any religion other than Catholic)
  • Aetas = Age
  • Coelebs = Unmarried
  • Viduus = Widower
  • Vidua = Widow
  • Conditio = Occupation

With the information on this record, I have traced the family back one more generation to four of my great-great-grandparents, Pawel Dańko, Zofia Szymańska, Maciej Sowa, and Katarzyna Jach.

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