Researching the Quintin Family

I spent a few hours today at the New England Historic Genealogical Society and, with the help of Michael Leclerc, set out to verify some of the information on the ancestors of my Uncle Fred’s wife, Janice Quintin.

We were able to verify that Janice’s father, Leopold Francois Quintin, was born on 02 Jun 1887 and was baptized on 05 Jun 1887 in Notre Dame de Lourdes Catholic Church, Fall River, Massachusetts. His parents were listed as Stanislas Quintin and Henriette Benoit. We also confirmed that he married Philomene Fontaine on 01 Jun 1915 in St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Fall River, Massachusetts. All this information was obtained from:

Burkhart, Janice, and Lucile McDonald, eds.. 2005. Baptisms of Notre-Dame de Lourdes Catholic Church, Fall River, Massachusetts, 1874-2001. Vol. 3. Woonsocket, R.I.: American-French Genealogical Society.

Unfortunately, proving the parents of Stanislas Quintin and Henriette Benoit was a bit of a challenge. The couple was married on 08 Jan 1882 in Notre Dame de Lourdes Catholic Church, Fall River, Massachusetts, but the parents of the couple were not named in the church record:

Burkhart, Janice, ed.. 2003. Marriages of Notre-Dame de Lourdes Catholic Church, Fall River, Massachusetts, 1874-2001. Vol. 3. Woonsocket, R.I.: American-French Genealogical Society.

Upon checking the civil marriage record, we learned that Stanislas Quintin was the son of Joseph and Charlotte Quintin, and that Henriette Fontaine was the daughter of Francis and Louise Fontaine. The maiden names of the mothers were not provided in the civil marriage record. However, both Stanislas Quintin and Henriette Fontaine were reported to have been born in Canada.

After checking the Drouin marriage index, the marriage of Joseph Quintin and Charlotte Brunel was discovered in the Registres de Paroisse Ste Anne, Varennes 1844-1848 on the verso of fond 18. They were married on 28 Jan 1845. Joseph Quintin’s parents were listed as Joseph Quintin and Apolline Brunel. Charlotte Brunel’s parents were listed as Michel Brunel and Josephte Galaise.

However, the marriage record of Joseph Quintin from 12 Sep 1820 in Varennes shows that his wife’s maiden name was Apolline Daunais, not Apolline Brunel. To verify the maiden name of Appoline was Brunel or Daunais, we turned to the Notarial Records and found the marriage contract between Joseph Quintin and Charlotte Brunel was among the records of Marc-Amable Girard in Sorel, Richelieu District. Unfortunately, the NEHGS does not have a copy of this marriage contract, but the contract should be in the holdings of the Provincial Library and Archives Quebec, so I can get a copy there.

The 1820 marriage record of Joseph Quintin and Apolline Daunais shows that Joseph’s parents were Joseph Quintin (deceased) and Marie Josephte Provost, and Apolline Daunaise’s parents were Basile Daunaise and Louise Blain.

I’ll continue this research tomorrow.

Copyright © 2009 by Stephen J. Danko

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5 Responses to Researching the Quintin Family

  1. ivy quintin says:

    thank you for researching about the quintin family 🙂

  2. Lucille Patenaude says:

    I can search for you.
    Joseph Quintin wife Charlotte Brunel( Michel Brunel & Josette Galaise)/ marriage 1845/01/28 Varennes
    Father: Joseph Quintin
    mother: Apolline Daunais

  3. Lucille Patenaude says:

    Joseph Quintin & Apolline Daunais (Basile Daunais & Louise Blain) marriage 1820-09-12 parish Ste-Anne Verchères Québec
    father: Joseph Quintin
    mother: Marie Josette Dalpé

  4. Lucille Patenaude says:

    I don’t know how to post a picture

    BMS said Josette Dalpé and Ancestry Marie Josephte Provost.

  5. Lucille Patenaude says:

    Léopold 1887 parents Stanislas Quintin et Henriette

    • parents: Joseph, Charlotte
    • spouse: Henrietta Benoit
    • nom Stanislas Quintin
    • type d’événement Marriage
    • date de l’événement 08 Jan 1882
    • lieu de l’événement Fall River, Massachusetts
    • sexe Male
    • âge 23
    • statut marital Single
    • race
    • date de naissance
    • lieu de naissanceCanada
    • année d’inscription
    • lieu d’inscription
    • année de naissance (estimée) 1859
    • nom du père Joseph
    • nom de la mère Charlotte
    • nom du conjoint Henrietta Benoit
    • titres et termes de conjoint
    • état civil du conjoint Single
    • nom de père du conjoint Francis
    • titres et termes du père de conjoint
    • nom de mère du conjoint Louise
    • numéro de certificat18
    • numéro de film1432995
    • numéro de dossier numérique4279765
    • numéro de l’image00110

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