The Marriage of Balthasar Sattler and Katharina Seng – 1874

On 25 May 1874, Balthasar Sattler and Katharina Seng were married in Kirtorf, Alsfeld Kreis, Hesse-Darmstadt, German Empire.

The Marriage Record of Balthasar Sattler and Katharina Seng - 1874

The Marriage Record of Balthasar Sattler and Katharina Seng - 1874

SOURCE: Kirtorf Evangelische Kirche (Kirtorf, Alsfeld Kreis, Hesse-Darmstadt, German Empire), Copulations=Protocoll der Pfarrei Kirtorf 1808-1875 [Marriage Records of the Kirtorf Parish 1808-1875.],” page 578, record 1, Balthasar Sattler & Katharina Seng, 25 May 1874; filmed as Kirchenbuch 1725-1875; FHL INTL microfilm 1,336,981, Item 3.

Click on the image above to enlarge it. Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Record of Balthasar Sattler and Katharina Seng – 1874. This PDF document includes an image of the original document, a transcription in German Gothic, a transcription in modern German, and a translation in English. Translated from the German, the record reads:

578.     1. Balthasar Sattler and Katharina Seng.

1874                    1.

The following were consecrated in marriage on the twenty-fifth of May in the year of the Lord eighteen-hundred seventy-four, after the required proclamations were made in the local church, after presenting written certification from the Grand Duchy rural court in Homburg, that with regard to the civil relationship, there were no constraints standing in the way, and after canonical requirements were fulfilled:
Balthasar Sattler, up and coming citizen and cooper here, twenty-nine years nine months and eight days old [born on 17 August 1844], the legitimately born, unmarried son of Heinrich Sattler, citizen and cooper here in Kirtorf, and Clara née Hewig; and
Katharina Seng, twenty-seven years and twenty days old [born on 05 May 1847], legitimately born daughter of Philipp Seng, citizen and forester here in Kirtorf, and the deceased Elisabetha née Lather.
The witnesses were:
1. Heinrich Sattler the first, citizen and cooper here the bridegroom’s father, and
2. Johannes Lather the fourth, citizen and pig herder here, who signed the present document next me, the minister who performed the marriage.
[signed] Heinrich Sattler 1
[signed] Johannes Lather 4
          [signed] Ludwig Ebal

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