Mary Golinski’s Petition for Naturalization

Great Aunt Mary’s birthdate is either January 12, 1884 or March 12, 1887, depending on whether one consults the documents generated prior to her immigration or the documents generated after her arrival in the United States.

One nagging question, however, is:  are the birth/baptismal certificate, the Hamburg Emigration List, and the Ellis Island Passenger Arrival List for the same Mary Danko who married Paul Golinski in 1915?  If not, I have obtained the records for two different people.

While in Boston in July, I obtained Mary Danko’s Certificate of Arrival and Mary Golinski’s Petition for Naturalization.  If these two documents are for the same person, all the documents I have are for the same Mary (Danko) Golinski.

Mary Golinski Petition Front

Petition for Naturalization for Mary Golinski – Front

Mary Golinski Petition Back

Petition for Naturalization for Mary Golinski – Back

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Petition for Naturalization for Mary Golinski – 1941.  The Petition was filed under Section 310(b) of the Nationality Act of 1940 which states that a woman could petition for naturalization without filing a Declaration of Intention if she was married to a citizen and lived continuously in the United States since her marriage.  Mary Golinski’s Petition for Naturalization states that:

  • Mary Golinski’s Petition for Naturalization No. 33772 was filed in the Superior Court of Massachusetts at Worcester
  • She lived at 11 Prescott Pl. Worcester, mass. and was a housewife
  • She was 54 years old, and was born on march 12, 1887 in Galigo [Galicia], Poland
  • She was a white female, with medium complexion, brown eyes and brown hair
  • She was 4 feet 10 inches tall, 100 pounds, with no visible distinctive marks, whose nationality was Polish
  • She was married to Paul Golinski on October 4, 1915 in Barre, Mass.
  • Her husband was born in Sliwnica, Austria on Dec. 18, 1888, entered the United States at New York, N. Y. on May 20, 1913, and resided at Worcester, Mass.
  • Mary’s husband was naturalized on Oct. 2, 1939 at Worcester, Mass. and his Certificate of Naturalization was No. 4735161
  • Mary had five children:  Victoria Mary (f) born July 19, 1916 at Barre, Mass.; Frances Wanda (f) Aug. 25, 1918; John (m) Jan. 2, 1922; Josephine (f) Sept. 24, 1925; Joseph (m) Jan. 26, 1928; the last four were born at Worcester, Mass. and all five children were living at Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Mary’s last place of foreign residence was Niedowa [Nienadowa], Poland
  • She emigrated to the United States from Hamburg, Germany and lawfully entered the United States at New York, N. Y. under the name of Marianna Danko on June 26, 1909 on the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria
  • Since her lawful entry, she had not been absent from the United States for a period of 6 months or longer
  • She had resided continuously in the Untied States for at least 3 years immediately preceding the date of her petition, namely since June 26, 1909
  • She had not previously made Petition for Naturalization and filed the current petition under Section 310 b
  • She did not ask for a change of name
  • Sophie Zamoita, a housewife residing at 12 Prescott Place, Worcester, Massachusetts, and Frances E. Swenson, a laundress residing at 128 Prescott Street, Worcester, Massachusetts signed affidavits as witnesses of her character, having known her since 1935
  • The Petition for Naturalization was signed at Worcester, Mass. on June 25, 1941 and was accompanied by Certificate of Arrival No. 1-292585 by the petitioner, the witnesses and by Philip S. Smith, Deputy Clerk, with the typed name of William C. Bowen, Clerk
  • Mary Golinski singed the Oath of Allegiance on September 30, 1941, as witnessed by William C. Bowen, Clerk, and Carl [Grunslit]
  • Mary’s Petition for Naturalization was granted on Line No. 41 of List No. 4-5 and Certificate No. 5374214

The information on Mary Golinski’s Petition for Naturalization ties her convincingly to the Hamburg Emigration List and the Ellis Island Passenger Arrival List for Marianna Danko, born in 1883-1884.  The emigration and immigration documents also agree with the birth and baptismal record for Marianna Danko, born on January 12, 1884 in Nienadowa, Galicia.

The evidence indicates that Great Aunt Mary was born on January 12, 1884.  After she arrived in the United States, Great Aunt Mary apparently changed her date of birth to March 12, 1887.  Perhaps she just didn’t want her future husband to know she was nearly five years older than he was!

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  1. anne denofa says:

    mary ( bleicki) Golinski from ana poland was on a ship to new york 1910
    her friend was catherine (?) komar,to new york but went straight to philadelphia pa.mary was born in 1889. she married my grandfather Harry gregory Golinski june 15,1913 in he was born in okno 1886.
    Harrys sister anna came with him.she married john granat in mamyunk pa.
    I am 63 and still weep for my family.they were my heart and soul to my childhood.they had so much love to give. if any one knows they please reply anna Denofa, 2822 saxton rd phila pa 19114

  2. anne denofa says:

    the mary golinsky you have is my grandmother her birth dec. 8, 1888 catherine
    karmor was the person that sent her passage and she came to phila please
    help ne
    anne denofa 215-969-1876

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