Genealogy Bloggers at CGS

Genealogy Bloggers  and members of the California Genealogical Society,  Craig Manson (GeneaBlogie), Kathryn Doyle (california genealogical society and library blog), and Steve Danko (Steve’s Genealogy Blog) attended the lecture by Steve and Megan Morse at the California Genealogical Society and Library on Saturday.

Steve Danko, Craig Manson, and Kathryn Doyle

Steve Danko, Craig Manson, and Kathryn Doyle

SOURCE: Steve Danko, Craig Manson, and Kathryn Doyle (Oakland, Alameda County, California). Photographed by Steve Harris on 13 June 2009.

Copyright © 2009 by Stephen J. Danko

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6 Responses to Genealogy Bloggers at CGS

  1. Steve,

    It was great to see you. I love the blog’s new look!

  2. Craig Manson says:


    I second Kathryn’s comment!

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks, Kathryn and Craig!

    My blog at this point is still a work under construction. More repairs and refinements to come during the next few months.

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  5. Donna says:

    Hi, Steve,

    It wasn’t until I read Craig’s post today that I realized I had not seen any posts from you for a while. A long while, as it turns out. I’m guessing you re-designed around 5/19 – that’s when my Google Reader feed to your blog stopped working. I should have noticed sooner, but I subscribe to so many blogs! So, I will re-subscribe…I just wanted to let you know that something about the feed is no longer working properly.


  6. Sheri Fenley says:

    Great photo! Sorry I missed the meeting. I hope to be there in July. See you all in Burbank on the 26th!

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