John Jwanauski’s Declaration of Intention

Last month I received an email from Jay Evans who told me that he had been unsuccessfully looking for the Immigrant Passenger Manifest for John Jwanauski, and asked me if I had any suggestions.

I asked Jay for more information and he sent me three documents that should provide all the information necessary to find the Passenger Manifest.

The first document Jay sent was John Jwanauski’s Declaration of Intention to become a citizen of the United States.

John Jwanauski's Declaration of Intention

Declaration of Intention for John Jwanauski

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Declaration of Intention for John Jwanauski – 1917.  The Declaration states that:

  • John Jwanauski filed Declaration of Intention No. 1796 in the District Court of Waterbury in Waterbury, Connecticut
  • He was 20 years old when he filed this document on March 3, 1917
  • John was employed as a Shop Hand
  • John was white, had a light complexion, was 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighed 165 pounds, with light brown hair and gray eyes
  • He was born in Kovno, Russia on October 28, 1897
  • At the time he filed the declaration, John resided at 995 Bank St, Waterbury, Conn.
  • John emigrated to America from Bremen, Germany on the Grosser Kurfurst and arrived at the port of New York in the state of New York on December 15, 1912
  • John’s last residence was in Kovno, Russia
  • He was not married

Tomorrow: John Jwanauski’s Enlistment in the United States Army

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