Stanislaw Markiewicz in the 1920 Federal Census

Stanislaw Markiewicz arrived in New York City on May 29, 1912.  He then traveled to South Framingham, Massachusetts where he stayed with a friend.  In 1920, he appears in the US Federal Census in Worcester, Massachusetts with a wife and four children.

1920 Census Markiewicz

1920 US Federal Census Record for Stanislaw Markiewicz

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the US Federal Census Record for Stanislaw Markiewicz – 1920.  The record provides information that:

  • In 1920, Stanislaw Markiewicz (spelled Markiwicz in the Census) was a married white male, 28 years old, renting his residence at 54 Lafayette Street in Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts
  • Stanislaw (and his parents) were born in Poland and spoke Polish; he was an alien who immigrated in 1912
  • Stanislaw could read and write, but he couldn’t speak English
  • Stanislaw was employed as a moulder in a factory
  • Stanislaw’s wife was Annie, a married white female, 28 years old
  • Annie (and her parents) were born in Poland and spoke Polish; she was an alien who immigrated in 1912
  • Annie could read and write, but she couldn’t speak English
  • The couple’s children were Stephen age 5, Bronislawa age 4, Waclaw age 2, and Edward age 0/12, all born in Massachusetts
  • The family shared their home with two boarders, John Chronak age 42 and Stanislaw Jastremski age 47, both aliens born in Poland

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