The Declaration of Intention of Stanislaw Markiewicz

Stanislaw Markiewicz filed a Declaration of Intention to become a citizen of the United States on May 11, 1936.  This was the first step to becoming a citizen.  Under the laws in effect at that time, Stanislaw would have to wait at least three and no more than seven more years before he could file a Petition for Naturalization.

Declaration of Stanislaw Markiewicz - Front

The Declaration of Intention of Stanislaw Markiewicz – Front

 Stanislaw Markiewicz' Declaration of Intention - Back

The Declaration of Intention of Stanislaw Markiewicz – Back

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Declaration of Intention for Stanislaw Markiewicz – 1936.  The Declaration States:

  • Stanislaw Markiewicz filed his Declaration of Intention No. 46155 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, County of Worcester in the Superior Court of Massachusetts at Worcester, Mass.
  • Stanislaw resided at 320 Millbury St., Worcester, Worcester Co., Mass.
  • His occupation was Moulder
  • He was 45 years old, a white male, of medium complexion, blue eyes, dark brown-grey hair, 5 feet 6 inches tall, 192 pounds, with a scar on his left index finger
  • His race and nationality were Polish;  he was born in Lublin, Poland on April 20, 1891
  • He was married to Antonina Lejwoda on Feb. 2, 1913 in South Framingham, Mass.
  • Antonina was born in Lublin, Poland on April 23, 1891, entered the United States at New York, N.Y. on Oct. 20, 1912
  • Stanislaw had seven children:  Stefan born Jan. 22, 1914, Bronislawa born Oct. [?], 1915 (Oct. 7, 1915), Waclaw born Aug. 13, 1917, Edwart born Dec. 17, 1919, Helena born Mar. 15, 1922, [?]iena (Janiena) born June 4, 1925, and Ryszard born Feb. 24, 1928, all born and living at the time in [?]rcester, Mass.
  • He had previously made a declaration of intention Number 24764 on Dec. 16, 1921 in the Superior Court of Worcester, Mass.
  • His last foreign residence was Braciawicze (Braciejowice), Poland
  • He immigrated to the United States from Antwerp, Belgium at New York, N.Y. under the name Stanislaw Markiewicz on May 29, 1912 on the SS Zeeland
  • Stanislaw signed the declaration in Worcester, Mass. on May 11, 1936
  • The Declaration of Intention cross-references Stanislaw’s Certificate of Arrival No. 1-177793
  • The reverse of the declaration includes a stamp indicating that the U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service on Nov 9, 1938

Stanislaw gave all of his children Polish first names.  Those names in English are:

  • Stefan = Stephen
  • Bronislawa = Bernice
  • Waclaw = Walter
  • Edwart (apparently misspelled – should be Edward) = Edward
  • Helena = Helen
  • Janiena = Jane
  • Ryszard = Richard

Tomorrow:  Stanislaw’s Petition for Naturalization

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