The Marriage of Georg Lather and Regina Lohfink – 1845

On 26 Dec 1845, Georg Lather and Regina Lohfink were married in the Evangelical Church in Kirtorf, Alsfeld Kreis, Hesse-Darmstadt (now Germany). Georg was the son of Elias Lather and Elisabetha Schmitt and Regina was the daughter of Johann Paul Lohfink and Maria Vogt.

The Marriage Record of Georg Lather and Regina Lohfink - 1845

The Marriage Record of Georg Lather and Regina Lohfink - 1845

SOURCE: Kirtorf Evangelische Kirche (Kirtorf, Alsfeld Kreis, Hessen-Darmstadt), “Kirtorfer Kirchen=Buch Hieraten 1808-1875. [Kirtorf Church Book Marriages 1808-1875.],” page 348, Georg Lather and Regina Lohfink, 26 December 1845; filmed as Kirchenbuch 1725-1875; FHL INTL microfilm 1, 336,981, Item 3.

Click on the image above to enlarge it. Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Record of Georg Lather and Regina Lohfink. This PDF document includes an image of the original document, a transcription in German Gothic, a transcription in modern German, and a translation in English. Translated from the German, the record reads:

Georg Lather and Regina Lohfink


The following were wed and consecrated in marriage on the twenty-sixth of December in the year of the Lord eighteen-hundred and forty-five after presenting written confirmation from the county court and regional court and also with regard to the civil and legal relationship, that no constraints stand in the way of the consummation of the marriage, after three proclamations were made in the local parish church and in Steinbach in Kurhesse [Hesse-Kassel] and all canonical requirements were satisfied: Georg Lather, the legitimately born, surviving, second son of the deceased Elias Lather, former citizen and baker here, and Elisabetha née Schmitt, thirty-five years old, born on the 20th of October 1810; and Regina Lohfink, legitimately born, surviving second daughter of the deceased Johann Paul Lohfink, former citizen and sieve-maker in Steinbach, jurisdiction of Prussia [one word?] and Maria née Vogt, thirty-two years old, born on the 28th of March 1813. Whereupon the groom explained that he recognized that the bride’s illegitimate child was his own, which child with the name Elisabetha was born on the 22nd of March 1836 in the maternity hospital in Giessen and was baptized there on the 30th of the same month.
     Witnesses were:
     1) Georg Lather, citizen and tailor here,
     2) Heinrich Lather, citizen and baker here,
who have signed the present document next to me, the minister who performed the marriage.
     [signed] Georg Lather
     [signed] Henrich Lather
     [signed] Georg Lather

The marriage record also shows that Georg Lather recognized that he was the father of Regina Lohfink’s illegitimate daughter, Elisabetha.

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3 Responses to The Marriage of Georg Lather and Regina Lohfink – 1845

  1. Bronwyn Klimach says:

    I found the date of this marriage entry most interesting. Have you found the entry for Elisabetha, born on the 22nd of March 1836? (Have I missed it on your blog…?) I would be particularly intersted to see who the godparents were. I’m rather puzzled by the years that passed before Elisabetha’s parents married. Do you know of a reason for this?
    Great to see your blog problems sorted at last!
    Kind regards,

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Bronwyn,

    Yes, indeed, it is interesting that Georg Lather married Regina Lohfink 9 years after the birth of the child that Georg claimed was his own. I have not yet found the record of Elisabetha’s birth, but I have ordered the film for baptisms in the maternity hospital in Giessen, where Elisabetha was born and baptized. Perhaps that record will reveal whether or not Georg really was the father or if he was simply accepting her as his own after marrying Regina.

    I have also thought that, perhaps, Regina’s father objected to the marriage and the couple had to wait until Regina’s father died before they could get married. Regina’s father is listed as deceased in the marriage record, but doesn’t provide the date of his death.

    I also like your suggestion to look at the Godparents on Elisabetha’s baptismal record. In the Evangelical Church in this area, typically only one sponsor or Godparent was listed, and typically the given name of the Godparent was the same as that given to the child. Interestingly enough, Georg Lather’s mother was named Elisabetha. If the Godmother was Elisabetha Lather, I would have more confidence that Georg was the child’s natural father.


  3. Bronwyn Klimach says:

    I hope I am concentrating when you find some of these records!
    I had to confess to smiling at ‘no constraints stand in the way of the consummation of the marriage…’ in this case. Perhaps at times I am tooo literal?
    Is the scenario in this marriage seen frequently here at this time?
    I have ancestors from Kressbach (Wuerttemberg) where illegitmacy seems almost the norm, tho’ some go on to marry after having several children with the same father. I’ve not yet had the insight or energy to work out what was going on despite vague (but unlikely) ideas related to military service lurking at the back of my mind.

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