The Birth and Baptism of Elias Lather – 1781

On 22 Oct 1781, Elias Lather, son of Johann Reinhard Lather and Maria Catharina Christian, was born in Kirtorf, Alsfeld Kreis, Hesse-Darmstadt (now Germany). He was baptized in the parish church in Kirtorf, Alsfeld Kreis, Hesse-Darmstadt (now Germany) on 23 Oct 1781.

The Birth and Baptismal Record of Elias Lather - 1781

The Birth and Baptismal Record of Elias Lather – 1781

SOURCE: Kirtorf Evangelische Kirche (Kirtorf, Alsfeld Kreis, Hesse-Darmstadt), “Kirtorfer Kirchenbuch 1769-1807.
[Kirtorf Church Book 1769-1807.],” page 83, entry 23, Elias Lather, 23 October 1781; filmed as Kirchenbuchduplikat 1808-1875; FHL INTL microfilm 1,336,979.

Click on the image above to enlarge it. Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth and Baptismal Record of Elias Lather. This PDF document includes an image of the original document, a transcription in German Gothic, a transcription in modern German, and a translation in English. Translated from the German, the record reads:


Between 9 and 10 o’clock in the morning on October 22nd, a son was born to the local citizen and linen weaver, Johann Reinhard Lather and his wife Maria Catharina [one word?] née Christian who, on the 23rd of the same month, through Elias Christian, citizen and merchant in [one word?] and in his place, the grandfather Reinhard Christian, citizen here, was baptized and given the name Elias.

          Died the + 16th of March 1831.
               [signed] Spamer.

I have written that the mother’s maiden name is Christian, but the surname appears in this record three times, once each as Christ, Christin, and Christian.

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