The Birth and Baptism of Walenty Burski – 1810

Walenty Burski, son of Stefan Burski and Marianna Zawadzka, was born in Borze Marcisze, Płock Department, Duchy of Warsaw. He was baptized in the parish church in Gzy, Płock Department, Duchy of Warsaw on 25 Oct 1810.

The Birth and Baptismal Record of Walenty Burski - 1810

The Birth and Baptismal Record of Walenty Burski – 1810

SOURCE: Parafia pw. św. Walentego (Gzy, Płock Department, Duchy of Warsaw). “Kzięgi Metrykalne par. Gzy, Księga Urodzonych 1804 – 1825. [Metrical Books of the Parish of Gzy, Book of Births 1804-1825.],” folio 41 verso, Walenty Burski, 25 Oct 1810; Archivum Dieceznialne w Płocku.

Click on the image above to enlarge it. Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth and Baptismal Record of Walenty Burski. Translated from the Latin, the record reads:

Borze Marcisze. On the 25th of October [1810], I who am named above [Wincenty Garnowski, curate of Gzy] baptized an infant named Walenty, born yesterday evening, son of the nobles Stefan Burski age 56, and Marianna née Zawadzka age 46, legally married couple. The Godparents were the nobles Ignacy Kondracki and Marianna his wife.

As is typical for records from this time period and location, the name of the priest and the year must be obtained from a previous record.

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