The Death of Antonina née Mossakowska Burska – 1834

Antonina née Mossakowska Burska, wife of Antoni Burski, died on 02 Jan 1834 in Borze Marcisze, Płock voivodeship, Congress Kingdom of Poland. Her death was recorded in the registers of the parish church in Gzy, Płock Voivodeship, Congress Kingdom of Poland on 03 Jan 1834.

The Death Record of Antonina Burska - 1834

The Death Record of Antonina née Mossakowska Burska – 1834

SOURCE: Parafia pw. Walentego (Gzy, Ciechanow District, Płock Governorate, Congress Kingdom of Poland). “Księga Zmarłych Parafia Gzy, 1826-1851. [Book of Deaths of the Parish of Gzy, 1826-1851.],” entry 1, folio 59 recto, Antonina Mossakowska Burska, 03 January 1834; Archiwum Diecezjalne w Płocku.

Click on the image above to enlarge it. Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Death Record of Antonina née Mossakowska Burska. Translated from the Polish, the record reads:

No 1.
Borze Marcisze

It happened in the village of Gzy on the third day of January in the year one-thousand eight-hundred thirty-four at the hour of eleven before noon. There appeared Wojciech Sawliński, thirty five years of age and Antoni Chotkowski twenty-eight years of age, both farmers residing in Borze Marcysze and they stated that yesterday at the hour of two after midnight Antonina née Mossakowska Burska, a widow, fifty-six years of age, residing with her children in Borze Marcisze in house number three. Visually confirming the death of Antonina, this document was read to the witnesses and signed only by us because the witnesses are unable to write.-
          R[everend] Baltazar Prusiński, Canon of Pułtusk, Pastor of the Parish of Gzy

Antonina was a widow at the time of her death. Her husband Antoni died just two months earlier, suggesting that both of them may have died of the same illness.

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