A Little Vacation

I’m off to Albany, New York for a short vacation, and I may not be able to blog while I’m there.

The occasion for the trip is my father’s 85th birthday. In addition to seeing my father and step-mother, I’ll be able to visit with my two sisters, two step-brothers, and four of my five step-sisters. It’s been a while since we’ve all been in the same room together!

While I’m in Albany, there will be a few days when I can do some genealogy research in the repositories in Albany. I’ll have to see what opportunities present themselves while I’m there. I might spend some time at the Albany Public Library and research the City Directories or I might stop by the New York State Library and search the microfilmed copies of the local newspapers or the New York State Census. Still, I might visit the Albany County Courthouse to look for land and property records, estate records, and naturalization papers or perhaps I should go to the New York State Archives and research vital records. And, then, there are always cemetery records, school records, mortuary records, and church records to investigate.

Or, I might just play with my nephew.

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8 Responses to A Little Vacation

  1. Yeah, Steve, what Jasia said – play with your nephew. Make lots of memories and have a good trip!

  2. Jasia says:

    Play with your nephew. That’s the best choice by far! And don’t forget your camera!

  3. Bronwyn Klimach says:

    Hope some of the time you enjoy a well-earned rest! And that you have a room big enough for you all to fit…
    Maybe your father will have some memories he has not already shared?

  4. Apple says:

    Have a great time with your family! (and pack your warmest clothes)

  5. Barbara says:

    Happy Birthday to your father. Have fun and relax. I know you were there three months ago, but still, it will be nice for you to see everybody. Have a safe flight.

  6. Gayl says:

    Have fun with your family and bring your snow boots.

  7. Chris Lather says:

    Hey Steve!
    I hope you have a good time while you’re up in New York!

  8. Dru Pair says:

    Hope you had a great little vacation, Steve.

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