Reconstructing the Izbicki Families of Norwich, Connecticut – Death Records

The Family History Library has microfilmed a number of the early 20th century vital record books from Norwich and, in those microfilms, I found the records for 23 births, 13 marriages (including one where two Izbickis wed each other), and 6 deaths of individuals with the Izbicki surname. To view these records, please follow the link to Izbicki Documents (there’s also a link in the sidebar of this blog).

After examining the Norwich marriage records and Norwich birth records, I examined the death records and was able to connect all of these to the family groups already established.

Two of the deaths were identified as sons of John Izbicki and Alexandra Jakubowski:

  • George (Joseph Theodore) Izbicki who was born 21 Apr 1917 and died 18 Oct 1917 and
  • Alexander (Alexander John) Izbicki who was born 21 Apr 1917 and died 21 Oct 1917.

One was identified as the husband of Amelia Gwiazdowska:

  • Andrew Izbicki, son of George Izbicki, and who was born in 1857 and died 01 Mar 1920.

One was identified as the husband of Amelia Pachuka, the brother of Stanislaw Izbicki (who in turn married Mary Krzsiewska), and the father of Leocadia and Pauline:

  • Ignacy Izbicki, son of Andrew Izbicki and Victoria Bierdziewska, and who was born in about 1866 and died 31 May 1919.

One was identified as the son of Anthony Izbicki and Josephine Korenkiewicz and the brother of Anthony, Regina, John, and Anthony:

  • Anthony Izbicki who was born 28 Dec 1903 and died 10 Aug 1917.

One was identified as the daughter of Wladislaw (Walter) Izbicki and Elizabeth Zukowski and the sister of Joseph, Joseph, Helen, Annie, and Margaret Elizabeth:

  • Mary Izbitski who was born on 02 July 1910 and died the same day.

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