The Death and Burial of Antonina Bórska – 1847

On 18 Nov 1847, Antonina Bórska, daughter of Stefan Bórski and Marianna Zawadzka, died in Borze-marcisze, okręg ciechanowski, gubernia płocka, Congress Kingdom of Poland. Her death was recorded in the parish of Gzy, okręg ciechanowski, gubernia płocka, Congress Kingdom of Poland on 20 Nov 1847. Antonina appears to have been my first cousin, five times removed.

The Death and Burial Record of Antonina Borska - 1847

The Death and Burial Record of Antonina Bórska – 1847

SOURCE: Parafia pw. Walentego (Gzy, okręg ciechanowski, gubernia płocka, Congress Kingdom of Poland). “Księga Zmarłych Parafia Gzy, 1826-1851. [Book of Deaths of the Parish of Gzy, 1826-1851.],” folio 141 verso, Antonina Bórska, 20 November 1847; Archiwum Diecezjalne w Płocku.

Click on the image above to enlarge it. Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Death and Burial Record of Antonina Bórska. Translated from the Polish, the record states:

29. Borze-marcisze

It happened in the village of Gzy on the eighth/twentieth day of November in the year one-thousand eight-hundred forty-seven at the hour of eleven before noon. There appeared Antoni Chotkowski, age forty-two, and Wojciech Smolenski age forty-six, both farmers residing in Borze-marcisze, and stating that two days ago at the hour of six in the evening, Antonina Bórska died, an unmarried woman, residing with her sister, fifty-seven years of age, daughter of the deceased married couple Stefan and Marianna Bórski. After visual evidence of the death of Antonina Bórska, this document was read aloud to the declarants and by Us alone signed because the declarants do not know how to write.
Reverend Piotr Bączkowski, Administrator of Gzy

This record spells the family surname as Bórski, rather than Borski or Burski as I’ve seen in many other records.

The image above is a digital photograph of the actual death record for Antonina Burska in the Book of Deaths for the parish of Gzy 1826-1851. This book of death records is not available on microfilm.

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