Preparing for a Trip to the Northeast

The entries on this blog may get a little bit shorter and a little less frequent over the next couple of weeks as I prepare for my trip to the northeastern US to visit family and a little genealogy research.

The plan is to visit family in Massachusetts and New York.  We’ll be celebrating my birthday (about a month late), and taking a few day trips.

The first of the day trips will be to Howe’s Caverns and Secret Caverns in New York with my nephew, Lukas.  I don’t get to spend time with Lukas very often, so I’m looking forward to a whole day of exploring caves with him.

My cousin Chris from Florida is visiting Albany, New York, and I’ll meet up with him and my cousin Helen for a trip to Worcester, Massachusetts.  We plan to visit some relatives, stop in at a few cemeteries, and visit the Higgins Armory where my grandfather, Kostanty Niedzialkowski, once worked.

At the end of my trip, I’ll spend a day at the Massachusetts Department of Vital Records and Statistics looking up vital records for my ancestors, and finally I’ll spend a day at the Massachusetts Archives in an effort to find the birth and death records for the two (unrelated) infants who share a grave with my Aunt Bronisława.

So, now, I’m getting ready for my trip, making lists of relatives buried in cemeteries in New York and Massachusetts and lists of the vital records I already have so I don’t duplicate my previous efforts.  No matter how much time I spend getting ready for these research trips, it seems like I’m never quite ready!

I’ll try to makes some entries in the blog from time to time to review what genealogy discoveries I’ve made on this trip, but I’m not sure how often I’ll have access to the internet.  In any case, I hope to have some interesting experiences to relate once I return home!

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