Three Christmas Wishes

The topic for the next Carnival of Genealogy is “3 Wishes!”, where we are asked to make a list of gifts we’d like to receive from three of our ancestors.

1.  I wish I had the trunk that my grandmother, Marianna Dziurzyńska Danko, brought with her from Poland. I’m sure the trunk wasn’t much to look at, but I’m sure it’s full of memories. I’d also like to see what she brought to America inside the trunk.

2.  I wish I had a copy of the words and music to the songs sung by my great grandmother, Anastasia Wojnowska Chmielewska.  While visiting Lithuania last year, I spoke with one of Anastasia’s neighbors. He said that he often heard her singing songs that she, herself, invented. One day, the neighbors heard Anastasia singing a very plaintive song and knew from the sound of the tune that my great grandfather had passed on.

3.  I wish for a copy of the Coat of Arms of the clan to which my Niedziałkowski ancestors belonged. I believe my Niedziałkowski ancestors belonged to one of four clans: Nałęcz, Prawdzic, Radwan, or Rawicz, but I have not yet discovered which. My most distant Niedziałkowski ancestor was Antoni Niedziałkowski who lived in Łęki, part of the parish of Pałuki in ziemia ciechanowska, województwo mazowieckie, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Perhaps he could send me the Coat of Arms of the clan to which the family belonged.

And, so if my ancestors are reading this, perhaps they could be so kind as to leave these gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. I would be very grateful.

Written for the 62nd Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy – 3 Wishes!

Copyright © 2008 by Stephen J. Danko


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One Response to Three Christmas Wishes

  1. Gwen says:

    My three wishes:

    1. I wish to know from which Huffman line in PA my 4g-grandfather comes. I have no traces of him prior to 1815.

    2. I wish to know where his wife and daughter are buried. I’m pretty sure I know the cemetery, but there are no records or previous readings that have their headstones.

    3. I wish to know where Lillian Moore setteled. She married Frank Ray and moved to PA. After 1910, I can not find her nor can I find her daughters.

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