…it Pours!

On October 30 I wrote a post entitled “When it Rains…” where I described some new information Adam Pszczolkowski sent me about my Chodkowski ancestors.

At about the same time, my newly-discovered cousin Christa sent me a wealth of information about our Milewski ancestors, and in particular she sent me the ancestry of my 3rd great grandmother, Karolina Milewska:

Karolina Milewska was the daughter of Wojciech Milewski and Anna Burska, granddaughter of Baltazar Milewski and Marianna Nalecz, great granddaughter of Gregorz Milewski and Anna Grochowska, second great granddaughter of Jan Milewski and Felicja Rembowska, third great granddaughter of Jakub Milewski and Zofia, and fourth great granddaughter of Wojciech Milewski.

Wojciech Milewski is my 9th great grandfather, born in about 1580.

Yes, when it rains, it pours!

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  1. Jasia says:

    I can’t wait to read how you verify the sources for this information. I’m always fascinated to learn about record sources for the pre-1785 time period.

    You must be dancing with joy over this new found information! Yeah!

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