Photographs from Poland

For this Sunday morning, I want to share with you some of the photographs taken by Bob McCann in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland.  Bob was one of the friends with whom I traveled in Poland in October 2000.  Kazimierz Dolny is a picturesque village in Poland located about half-way between Rzeszów and Warszawa (Warsaw) with a thriving artists’ colony and an active marketplace.  Kazimierz Dolny (Lower Kazimierz) is on the Wisła (Vistula River) and is called Lower Kazimierz to distinguish it from the Kraków District of Kazimierz (formerly the village of Kazimierz) up the Vistula to the South.  Because the Vistula flows from South to North, Lower Kazimierz is to the North of Kazimierz.  Bob took these photos in the Rynek (town square and marketplace) and captured some wonderful shots of the people there.


Schoolchildren Bewitched


Three Friends


In the Marketplace



As a final note, I was curious to see which posts on this blog were generating the most interest, so here’s a list of the top ten posts.  The current blog always generates the most web traffic, but other than the current day’s entry, these are the topics that people have visited most often:

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5 Responses to Photographs from Poland

  1. Barbara Poole says:

    Hi Steve,
    How nice to see I came in at #10. Regarding the magazine I made reference to,, there is a free 64 pg. magazine made available to all, just a few weeks ago. Seems that this new magazine is doing better than expected, and this is their way of saying thanks. The article on Podcasts looks interesting, I will check it out. Maybe you or I could write a little about those. NEHGS’s web site: has several podcasts, and I listened to one the other day, as I did with a couple of the genealogy guys. It is really strange listening to a person you know giving a lesson via the computer. I think the NEHGS podcasts are free, could you let me know (since I am a subscriber) for sure. Julie Otto’s lecture was very good. Barb

  2. Barbara Poole says:

    Steve, I forgot to mention, but the first issue of the magazine has “Top 10 websites for Polish Genealogy” however, I think you could teach the author a thing or two. Also a map I remember you asked if I knew a way to draw arrows on a map to show migration, any luck there?

  3. Hi Barb,

    I keep intending to find my copy of the first issue of “Internet Genealogy” and look at the top ten websites for Polish Genealogy again. I’ll put it on my to-do list for tonight. I checked out the map you mentioned, but I’m looking for a map of all Europe that I can use and modify without violating anyone’s copyright. I found a couple of maps on Wikipedia that may do the trick, such as this one at Now I just need a few hours with Photoshop to show the paths my ancestors took when they emigrated.

    I checked out the podcasts at . I hadn’t looked at them in a while, but there seems to be a lot more now. I’m also a member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS), but I checked out the podcasts without logging in, so I guess the podcasts are available to everyone for free. I’ll have to listen to Julie Otto’s podcast. Besides maternal lines, Julie has one strange research interest: death by lightning!

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