Finding Quebec Notarial Records at NEHGS

I spent a few hours at the New England Historic Genealogical Society today, following up on a lead that Rhonda McClure and Julie Otto provided me on Saturday.

I had discovered a series of books on Saturday: Québec (Province), and Pierre Georges Roy. 1937. Inventaire des contrats de mariage du reǵime francais conserveś aux Archives judiciaires de Queb́ec. This series provides an index to Marriage Contracts in the Québec Notarial Records, a record source I’ve had some difficulty getting into.

My main problem is that the Notarial Records are arranged by the name of the Notary, not the names of those for whom the record was created. I could not figure out how to find the names of the Notaries who created the records in which I was interested.

I discovered the following marriage contracts for members of the Gamache family:

  • Gamache, Geneviève, et Julien Fortin (Auber, 23 octobre 1652).
  • Gamache, Nicolas, et Elisabeth-Ursule Cloutier (Vachon, 8 novembre 1676).
  • Gamache, Nicolas, et Marie Guyon (Chambalon, 17 juillet 1705).
  • Gamache, Louis, et Angélique Miville (Chambalon, 17 juillet 1706).
  • Gamache, Augustin, et Marguerite Dion (La Cetière, 27 octobre 1711).
  • Gamache, Elisabeth, et Pierre Richard (Chambalon, 27 octobre 1711).
  • Gamache, Jean, et Agathe Richard (Chambalon, 14 juillet 1712).
  • Gamache, Geneviève, et Ambroise Fournier (François Rageot, 30 juin 1734).
  • Gamache, Pierre, et Marie-Geneviève Bélanger (François Rageot, 11 août 1734).
  • Gamache, Marguerite, et Louis Carton (Barbel, 7 octobre 1734).
  • Gamache, Alexis, et Hélène Chalifour, veuve de Pierre-Bernard Auclair (Jacques Pinguet, 27 juillet 1748).

The NEHGS has microfiche of the indexes to some of these records and microfilms of some of the records themselves.

I made copies of some of the indexes and some of the records. Unfortunately, my French is not good enough to translate the marriage contracts. Nonetheless, I made copies in hopes of getting them translated at some point.

Copyright © 2008 by Stephen J. Danko

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