Six Days in Boston

I arrived in Boston at 6:30 this morning on the redeye.

It seems that a few people figured out I’m here – my friend Barbara ran into me at the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) where I spoke with NEHGS genealogists Rhonda McClure and Julio Otto for help with French Canadian records. I also spoke with David Dearborn and briefly caught sight of Marie Daly.

Then, when I returned to my hotel room, I found that Midge had left me a message on Facebook to let me know she was waving to me from her home South of Boston.

I’ll be here in Boston for six days. Today, I spent half the day at NEHGS (I spent the first half of the day napping in my hotel room after the flight). I’ll return to NEHGS on Wednesday evening to try to find some Québec notarial records that mention my Godmother’s ancestors. On Thursday, I’ll be at the Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics.

In between all that, I’ll be attending the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society Conference in the Hynes Convention Center. Events for that conference begin at 7:00 AM on Sunday and run through 4:30 Pm on Wednesday.

But, for now, it’s an early night for me here in Boston. Tomorrow will be a busy day!

Copyright © 2008 by Stephen J. Danko

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  1. Dru Pair says:


    Boston is a great city that I visited last yer. Sounds like you’re having a productive trip.

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