Immigration of Johann Dziurzyński and Pawel Goliński

John Dziurzyński was the brother of my paternal grandmother.  I have only two records for him, one of which is his Ellis Island Passenger Arrival Manifest.  John was listed on the passenger manifest as Johann Dzuzynski and he traveled to America with Pawel Goliński.  Pawel would later marry my grandfather Michał Dańko’s sister, Marianna.

Postcard from the S.S. Grosser Kurfurst

Postcard from the S.S. Grosser Kurfurst

The Passenger Manifest for Jan Dziurzyński and Paweł Gołinski – 1912 states that:

  • Johann Dzuzynski (line 10 of the manifest) and Pawel Golinski (line 11 of the manifest) traveled on the S.S. Grosser Kurfurst
  • They departed Bremen on May 10, 1912 and arrived in New York on May 21, 1912
  • Johann was 32 years old and married; Pawel was 22 years old and single
  • They were both farm laborers
  • They were both Polish citizens of Austria from Śliwnica in Galicia
  • Johann had a wife Karolina in Śliwnica and Pawel had a father Jan in Śliwnica
  • They were both traveling to 3 Moran Court in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • They were planning to stay with Michal Danko, Johann’s brother-in-law and Pawel’s friend
  • Johann was 5 feet 7 inches tall with blond hair and blue eyes
  • Pawel was 5 feet 5 inches tall with brown hair and brown eyes
  • They were both born in Śliwnica
  • There is a notation on Pawel’s record:  1-173622 531-36, indicating that Pawel had applied for citizenship in Naturalization District 1, and Certificate of Arrival Number 173622 had been requested on May 31, 1936

passenger manifest

First Half of the Passenger Manifest

passenger manifest 2

Second Half of the Passenger Manifest

The record holds several useful clues for my research.  First, my great uncle was using the surname Dziurzyński (rather than the surname Dziura) at the time he immigrated.  Second, he stated that he was born in Śliwnica, not Sielnica, where I think my grandmother was born.  Śliwnica is in the Dubiecko parish, but Sielnica is in the Dylagowa parish (now part of the Dynów parish).

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2 Responses to Immigration of Johann Dziurzyński and Pawel Goliński

  1. Golinski Pawel says:

    Nazywam sie Pawel Golinski , mieszkam w Polsce w miescie Poznan. Znalazlem wzmianke o moze moich przodkach , powiem szczerze jest to bardzo mile . Pracuje na zlecenia telewizji i jestem realizatorem dzwieku. Nie wiem co napisac ale milo bylo poczytac o moze mojej rodzinie . Pozdrawiam. Pawel Golinski.

  2. For those who don’t understand Polish, let me translate Pawel’s comment, above, into English:

    My name is Pawel Goliński, I live in Poland in the city of Poznań. I found a reference to my possible ancestors, I say honestly it is very nice. I work in contract television and I am the sound producer. I don’t know what to write but it was nice to read about my possible family.

    Regards, Pawel Goliński

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