The Niedzialkowski Surname Study

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Niedzialkowski Surname Study.

The Niedzialkowski Surname Study is designed to study the relationships among those with the surname Niedzialkowski and its variants.

The study is comprised of two projects:

  1. The Niedzialkowski Genealogy Project: a one-name study to document the genealogy of those with Niedzialkowski ancestors; and
  2. The Niedzialkowski DNA Project: a Y-DNA study to analyze the genetic relationships of men with the Niedzialkowski surname.

According to Kazimierz Rymut (Rymut, Kazimierz. 2003. Dictionary of surnames in current use in Poland at the beginning of the 21st century. Chicago, IL: Polish Genealogical Society of America.), in Poland at the beginning of the 21st century, the distribution of the Niedziałkowski surname and its variants included:

  • Niedzialkowska – 3
  • Niedzialkowski – 2
  • Niedziałkowska – 809
  • Niedziałkowski – 786

The surname distribution in Poland is shown on the following maps:

Distribution of the Niedzialkowska Surname in Poland

Distribution of the Niedziałkowska Surname in Poland

SOURCE: Mojkrewni, “Mapa nazwisk”, database, ( : accessed 04 Jul 2008), user-defined report for “Niedziałkowska”.

The Niedziałkowska surname is most frequently found in the following locations in Poland:

  • Warszawa – 72
  • Lipno – 39
  • City of Włocławek -33
  • Ciechanów – 31
  • Aleksandrów Kujawski – 27
  • Płońsk – 24
  • Mińsk Mazowiecki – 20
  • Maków Mazowiecki – 19
  • Sierpc – 18
  • Przasnysz – 17

Distribution of the Niedzialkowski Surname in Poland

Distribution of the Niedziałkowski Surname in Poland

SOURCE: Mojkrewni, “Mapa nazwisk”, database, ( : accessed 04 Jul 2008), user-defined report for “Niedziałkowski”.

The Niedziałkowski surname is most frequently found in the following locations in Poland:

  • Warszawa – 55
  • Ciechanów – 35
  • Lipno – 30
  • Płońsk – 27
  • Mińsk Mazowiecki – 24
  • City of Włocławek – 22
  • Aleksandrów Kujawski – 19
  • Przasnysz – 16
  • Pułtusk – 16
  • Szczecin – 16

In the United States, many immigrants with the Niedziałkowski surname modified or anglicized the name. Some of the variants include:

  • Niedzialkowski
  • Niedzialkowsky
  • Niedzialkoski
  • Niedzialkosky
  • Niedzial
  • Cosky
  • Sunday
  • Newman

The US Federal Census shows that, in 1930, individuals with the Niedzialkowski surname resided in:

  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Wisconsin

To participate in the Niedzialkowski Genealogy Project, please contact me by email at .

To participate in the Niedzialkowski DNA Project, please go to the Niedzialkowski DNA Project webpage or contact me directly by email at . Those who participate in the Niedzialkowski DNA Project are entitled to discounted rates for DNA tests at Family Tree DNA.

Copyright © 2008 by Stephen J. Danko

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4 Responses to The Niedzialkowski Surname Study

  1. Donna says:


    I’ll be interested to read about how many participants you get for both the surname study and the DNA study. It’s rare that I find someone researching one of my surnames, so I’m jealous!


  2. Michal Niedzialkowski says:

    Looking for more information on Niedzialkowski family. My family comes from south east of Poland from before 1945. Land owners from District Tarnopol, Husiatyn, the name of the estate was Czudziec. How to go about finding anything else?
    Michal Niedzialkowski son of
    Ryszard Niedzialkowski son of
    Adam Niedzialkowski.

  3. Angela Niedz Turck says:

    My last name was shortened from Niedzialkowski by my father Edward Niedzialkowski. I know my family is from Poland, but that is about it. I would love to follow you and learn more about my family history. Thank you!!!

    • Carol Bayne says:

      I found your comment interesting as my last name was also shortened from
      Niedzialkowski to Nedgial by my father Michael Niedzialkowski. All I know is
      that his family also is from Poland & his mother died when he was 9 years old.
      There does seem to be alot of Niedzialkowskis with no further background info!
      We lived in Winnipeg Manitoba. Where did your family reside?

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