The Swimsuit Edition

As Summer draws near, it’s time for the Swimsuit Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy.

Jane Niedzialkowski - 1942

Jane Niedzialkowski – 1942

SOURCE: Jane Niedzialkowski – 1942 (Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts). Photographed by unknown photographer in 1942.

Jane Niedzialkowski - 1944

Jane Niedzialkowski – 1944

SOURCE: Jane Niedzialkowski – 1944 (Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts). Photographed by unknown photographer in 1944.

These photographs of my Mom don’t particularly show off what she considered one of her greatest assests – her legs. Nonetheless, I think these are great photos from the 1940s when Mom was 19 (in the Summer of 1942) and 21 (in the Summer of 1944).

At the time these photos were taken, the United States was engaged in World War II and Mom’s three brothers and future husband were either serving in the military or preparing to do so.

Also in this time frame, I believe my mother was using the name Jayne Nigel.

Copyright © 2008 by Stephen J. Danko

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4 Responses to The Swimsuit Edition

  1. Jasia says:

    Great photos Steve! Your mom sure was a beauty.

    I wonder how many women (probably most) shared “pin up” type photos of themselves with their men overseas. Swimsuit photos were obvious choices. In a way it’s not so very different from the cell phone flirting that goes on today… the “think of me, desire me” message comes out loud and clear.

  2. Thanks, Jasia,

    With her meticulously applied lipstick, I rather suspect that Mom had no intention of going swimming when these photos were taken!

  3. Wendy says:

    Your mom is gorgeous! She could have been on the cover of a magazine!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Janice Brown says:


    During World War II many women did feel that they were competing with the “pin-up girls” for their boyfriend’s and husbands attentions. A photograph like this would remind them of the real women who waited for them at home.

    Guess what. It worked! 😀 Thanks for the great story and photo.


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