The Death and Burial of Karolina Milewska Niedziałkowska – 1886

My 3rd Great Grandmother, Karolina Niedziałkowska, died on 05 Oct 1886 at midnight in Mosaki Godacze in the Congress Kingdom of Poland. She was presumably buried on 06 Oct 1886 in the parish cemetery in Krasne.

The Death and Burial Record of Karolina née Milewska Niedzialkowska - 1886

The Death and Burial Record of Karolina née Milewska Niedziałkowska - 1886

SOURCE: Parafia pw. św. Jana Chrzciciela (Krasne, Ciechanów Powiat, Płock Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland). Akta zgonów 1879-1891, Karolina Niedziałkowska death (1886); FHL microfilm 1808246.

Click on the image for a larger view of the document. Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Death Record of Karolina née Milewska Niedziałkowska. Translated from the Russian, the record states:

Mosaki Godacze
No. 82.

This happened in the village of Krasne on the 24th of September [Julian Calendar] / 6th of October [Gregorian Calendar] 1886 at 12 o’clock noon. Antoni Niedziałkowski, seventy-seven years, and Teofil Niedziałkowski, thirty-four years from birth, both owners of a part of Mosaki Godacze, appeared and stated that yesterday, at twelve at night in Mosaki Godacze, Karolina Niedziałkowska † died, eighty years from birth, having been born in Malonki, Karniewo parish, daughter of the deceased couple Wojciech and Anna née Borska Milewski. ‡ Attesting the death of Karolina Niedziałkowski. This document was read to those present, who are illiterate, and signed by us alone. Administrator of Krasne, Maintaining the Civil Registry.

                           Rev[erend] Jan Kolanowski

The record includes two notes in the left margin identifying her husband. These two notes state:

† wife of the owner of a part
Rev. Kochan.

‡ she leaves behind after her the above-mentioned widower husband, Antoni in Mosaki-Godacze.
Rev. Kochan.

This document is one of the records I found at the Family History Library during the recent UPGS Conference.

This death record recorded where my 3rd Great Grandmother was born and her age at the time of her death. I can now look for her baptismal record in the Karniewo parish in approximately 1806. The Family History Library has microfilmed the records of the Karniewo parish from 1627-1905. The parish itself still holds the original books for baptisms and marriages after 1825 and deaths after 1891.

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