Sunday at UPGS 2008


Everyone here at UPGS 2008 has commented on how slow the WiFi connection is here at the Plaza Hotel. The slow speed caused a few speakers to change their presentations since reliable, fast Internet connections can’t be secured.

To top things off, the city is planning to shut the electricity off at the hotel tonight. I guess I’ll be using the alarm on my cell phone tonight.

Today, I attended a Skype conference with Poland, a lecture by Orvill Paller on his visit to Poland with the Genealogical Society of Utah (the Family History Library), a demonstration of AncestryPress by Kelvin Hulit, a lecture on Social Media by Beau Sharbrough, and a lecture on Post-Mortem Records by Ceil Jensen.

The final event of the evening was a Funeral Card scanning party, where participants brought their Polish Funeral Cards to be scanned by dedicated volunteers (including me). The scanned images will be uploaded to a free database on

That’s all for now. I’m signing off, hoping to get this article posted before the power goes out!

Copyright © 2008 by Stephen J. Danko

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