Sunrise in San Francisco

This morning, I snapped some photos of the sunrise.  I hope everyone enjoys them, and with no further words, here they are.

Sunrise 2

Sunrise 3

Sunrise 4

Sunrise 5

Sunrise 6

Sunrise 7

Sunrise 8

Sunrise 9

Copyright © 2006 by Stephen J. Danko

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4 Responses to Sunrise in San Francisco

  1. Barbara Poole says:

    How nice and thanks for sharing. What time does the sun come up out there? Ours was about 5:10 am. Barb

  2. Officially, sunrise occurred in San Francisco at 5:49 AM PDT on June 4.  The U.S. Naval Observatory has a web page where you can find the sunrise/set or moonrise/set for anyplace on the globe at .  Steve

  3. Christine says:

    I found that by positioning the web page just before the first photo, then scrolling down fast through the pictures, you can almost get the feeling of a movie. You must have used a tripod and kept it in the same position! Christine

  4. No, Christine, I didn’t use a tripod, but I wish I had! You can tell I was a little off in some of the pictures, because the ships in the bay never moved, but they aren’t quite lined up from picture to picture. But, you’re right about the movie effect.  I hadn’t thought of looking at these pictures this way.  If I save pictures to a folder under the “My Pictures” folder in Windows XP, I can view the pictures as a slide show, and I think I might just try that! – Steve


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