Resolutions for the New Year

Happy New Year! I stayed up to greet the New Year and watched the fireworks in San Francisco from my house. The photograph below wasn’t as sharp as I’d hoped it would be, but I took the photo from about five miles away from the fireworks themselves. If you look closely, you can see part of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in the lower right of the photograph.

New Year's Fireworks in San Francisco - 2008

San Francisco New Year’s Fireworks – 2008

SOURCE: San Francisco New Year’s Fireworks – 2008. Photographed by Stephen J. Danko on 01 Jan 2008.

I just reviewed my genealogical resolutions for 2007 and was a bit shocked to discover that I hadn’t completed a single one! I made progress on most, but didn’t complete any!

I guess I just put too much on my own plate, but I think that’s better than striving to underachieve.

Nonetheless, my list this year is a bit shorter than it was last year:

  • Complete the coursework for a Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies (PLCGS) through the National Institute for Genealogical Studies / University of Toronto. I only need to complete a few more courses, so I think this resolution is achievable this year.
  • Complete the requirements to become a Certified Genealogist. This is a huge task, but I’m already well on my way. I’ve already published several of the submission requirements on my blog, so I’ll just need to polish up the work for submission.
  • Become more active with the genealogy societies to which I belong. I plan to achieve this goal this year by helping out with the workshops, seminars, and conferences presented by these societies.
  • Start a Niedzialkowski Family Association. Early this year I’ll be taking a course on One-Name Studies through the National Institute for Genealogical Studies, and the information in that course should help me get started on the right foot. I’ve already arranged for Y-DNA analysis of several Niedzialkowskis and hope to expand that database as I get the Family Association started.
  • Finally, I’m stealing a resolution from Jasia at Creative Gene: Get something published! One of the articles I wrote for the Carnival of Genealogy has been reprinted in the newsletters of several local genealogical societies, but I think it’s time to get my act together and write something for publication in a major genealogy magazine or journal.

This is still an ambitious list. I guess I’d better get cracking.

Copyright © 2008 by Stephen J. Danko

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7 Responses to Resolutions for the New Year

  1. Janice Brown says:


    I know you were busy over the holidays. I hope you didn’t miss your starring role at

    Best Wishes for a Happy New Year.


  2. Hi Janice,

    Yes, I was very busy over the holidays but I did, indeed, see the Christmas Tree video in which you graciously included me. I showed it to my family who asked “Who are those other people?”, to which I had to reply “Those are friends I’ve never met!”

    Thanks again, Janice. I really enjoyed your holiday surprise!


  3. James Curley says:

    Hi Steve, Happy New Year. It’s an ambitious list but I’m sure you’ll do well. You are a terrific researcher, writer and communicator of genealogical information so I have every confidence! Best wishes, James C.

  4. Lee says:

    I will tell you like I tell Jasia, I want a signed, first edition copy of anything you publish, and bragging rights to say, I knew you when. :-)

    Happy New Year, Steve! You are a shining example to us all!

  5. Lee says:

    P.S. I love the fireworks photo! I couldn’t see any from my house this year. The trees have finally grown too tall. :-(

  6. brenda says:

    An ambitious list, yes, but you can do it. Where would we be without resolutions and lists? Your blog is so impressive some of us suspect you never sleep …

  7. Cheryl says:

    Steve, I can never imagine you “under achieving!” I am one of the ones who also wonders when you sleep! The fireworks picture is awesome, and I do see the bridge, but I am familiar with it too. I loved “your starring role”, great job by Janice! I agree with Lee, I would love to have a signed first first copy of whatever you publish! I have known for a long time this would be coming one day. You have accomplished so much in the last couple of years, you have to be proud, even if you didn’t complete your goals of last year. I am sure you completed much more, and it wasn’t all on your list! Happy New Year, and looking forward to seeing what this year brings for you!

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