Administrative Structure of the Parishes of the Suwałki Powiat

As I document events in my family’s history, I record the name of the place where an event occurred as it was known at the time of the event. Because the borders and administrative divisions in Poland have changed many times during the last three hundred years, identifying the historical administrative division in which a particular village was located can be frustrating. To make my work easier, I’ve found that if I summarize the historical administrative structure for a parish once, I can then refer to that summary in the future as I add new information to my database.

Historically, the parishes (and their associated villages) in what was the Suwałki Powiat at the end of the 19th Century belonged to the following administrative divisions:

1569-1795: Village, Polilsh-Lithuanian Commonwealth
1795-1807: Village, Russian Empire
1807-1815: Village, Dąbrowski Powiat, Łomża Department, Duchy of Warsaw
1815-1816: Village, Dąbrowski Powiat, Augustów Department, Congress Kingdom of Poland
1816-1837: Village, Dąbrowski Obwód, Augustów Voivodeship, Congress Kingdom of Poland
1837-1842: Village, Dąbrowski Obwód, Augustów Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland
1842-1844: Village, Dąbrowski Powiat, Augustów Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland
1844-1867: Village, Dąbrowski Powiat, Augustów Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland
1867-1918: Village, Suwalki Powiat, Suwalki Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland
1918-1939: Village, Powiat, Voivodeship, Second Polish Republic
1939-1941: Village, Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union
1941-1945: Village, Bezirk Bialystok, German Reich
1945-1952: Village: Białystok Voivodeship, Republic of Poland
1952-1975: Village, Białystok Voivodeship, Polish People’s Republic
1975-1990: Village, Suwałki Voivodeship, Polish People’s Republic
1990-1999: Village, Suwałki Voivodeship, Third Polish Republic
1999-Present: Village, Suwałki Powiat, Podlaskie Voivodeship, Third Polish Republic

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  1. Roger Laske says:

    Steve, could I use this Suwalki info in a future issue of the “Polish Eaglet,” journal of the Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan? At times I need a short informative article to finish a page.

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