Frank Niedzialkoski in the 1907 City Directory

My grandfather’s uncle, Frank Niedzialkoski was listed in the Worcester City Directory in 1907 at a new address.

Worcester Directory 1907 Entry for Frank Niedzialkoski

Worcester Directory 1907 Entry for Frank Niedzialkoski

SOURCE: Massachusetts City Directories, Worcester 1907, page 525, Frank Niedzialkosky; digital image, ( : accessed 15 December 2007); citing Worcester directory 1905 containing a general directory of the citizens, a business directory, and the city and county registers, with map.
LXIV. 1907. Worcester, Mass: The Drew Allis Co.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Worcester Directory 1907 Entry for Frank Niedzialkoski. The brief record states the following:

  • Frank Niedziatkosky was a moulder at 100 Prescott and lived at 10 Sackville.

The spelling of the surname, Niedziatkosky, is in error. The “t” should be an “ł”, but it’s understandable how the Polish letter “ł” could be mistaken for a “t” by someone not familiar with the Polish language. Frank usually spelled his name as either Niedzialkoski or Niedzialkosky, although the name was properly spelled Niedziałkowski in Poland.

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