Grandfather, the Press Operator

By examining the city directories, I’ve been able to find the various occupations in which my grandfather, Kostanty Niedzialkowski, was engaged. The directories list not only the occupation, but provide the time period and place of his employment. Sometimes, the exact name and address of the employer are provided. Sometimes, as is the case with the 1930 Worcester Directory, only the occupation is listed.

My grandparents, Kostanty and Helen Niedzialkowski, are listed in the 1936 Worcester Directory published by Sampson & Murdock Co.

Worcester Directory 1936 Entry for Kostanty and Helen Niedzialkowski

Worcester Directory 1936 Entry for Kostanty and Helen Niedzialkowski

SOURCE: Massachusetts City Directories, Worcester 1936, page 739, Kostanty Niedzialkoski; digital image, ( : accessed 01 December 2007); citing The Worcester directory Massachusetts for the year ending February, 1937. 1936. Worcester, MA: Sampson & Murdock Co.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Worcester Directory 1936 Entry for Kostanty and Helen Niedzialkowski. The brief record states the following:

  • Kostanty Niedzialkowski was a press operator who resided at 44 Bryson, and
  • his wife’s name was Helen.

My grandfather was a press operator, but his place of employment was not stated. He may have been working for Worcester Pressed Steel, a company for which I know he worked for a number of years.

I believe the name of the street listed in the directory is misspelled. As far as I can tell, the correct address should be 44 Byron Street, an address not far from the corner of North and Prescott where they lived in 1935.

Also of interest in this record is the name of Dominic Niedzialkowski. I don’t know who this is, but his immigration passenger manifest shows that he had a brother named Steve in Worcester and he was from Pomaski, the same village from which my grandfather hailed. Further, his address in 1936 was 72 Perry Ave, close to the 42 Perry Ave address at which my grandparents resided in 1920. There is a chance Dominic may be related to my family, but I have not yet discovered any connection other than the surname, the place of settlement in the United States, and the place of origin.

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