Grandfather, the Grocer

I don’t spend enough time with City Directories, even though many directories of Worcester, Massachusetts, where my grandparents lived, are online. Jasia of Creative Gene wrote a series of articles on city directories, describing in detail the wealth of information contained therein.

My grandfather, Kostanty Niedzialkowski, is listed in the 1921 Worcester Directory published by Sampson & Murdock Co.

Worcester Directory 1921 Entry for Kostanty Niedzialkoski

Worcester Directory 1921 Entry for Kostanty Niedzialkoski

SOURCE: Massachusetts City Directories, Worcester 1921, page 489, Kostanty Niedzialkoski; digital image, ( : accessed 01 December 2007); citing Worcester directory 1921 containing a general directory of the citizens, a business directory, and the city and county registers, with map. 1921. Worcester, MA: Sampson & Murdock Co.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Worcester Directory 1921 Entry for Kostanty Niedzialkoski. The brief record states the following:

  • K Niedzialkoski is listed as a grocer at 194 Prescott.
  • His residence was the same as the business.

My grandfather’s surname is spelled Niedzialkoski, the same way many of the descendants of his uncle Frank spell the name today. Most of his life, however, my grandfather spelled the name Niedzialkowski, and his direct descendants still spell the name this way.

By 1921, my grandfather was no longer working as a springmaker, but was operating his own grocery business out of the first floor of the house he owned in Worcester, Massachusetts. My Uncle Ray told me that, when the store was busy with customers, my grandfather would bang on the pipes to signal my grandmother to come downstairs to help.

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