More on the Passport Application of Margaret Coyle Gibson

A few days ago, I wrote about the U.S. Passport Application of Margaret Coyle Gibson. At the Family History Library, in between other projects, I took a look at the microfilm with the US Passport Application of Margaret Gibson. The application was easy to find, now that I knew the date of the application and the application number.

As I hoped, there was another image of the application, not present in the digital images on In this additional image, the piece of paper that covered most of the back of the application had been folded back to reveal the details on the back of the application.

US Passport Application of Margaret Coyle Gibson - Back (Revealed)

U.S. Passport Application of Margaret Gibson – Back (Revealed)

SOURCE: Margaret Gibson Passport Application 135700, (NARA microfilm publication M1490, roll 973); Passport Applications, January 2, 1906 – March 31, 1925; General Records of the Department of State, Record Group 59; National Archives, Washington, D.C.; Family History Library microfilm 1636993.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the U.S. Passport Application of Margaret Gibson – Back (Revealed). The portion of the application that was concealed by the attestation of Marietta E. Coleman and the witness of George R. Cumings is revealed to read:

October 29, 1919

I, Mrs. C Gibson Harold E Coleman, solemnly swear that I am a {native naturalized} citizen
of the United States; that I reside at Fairfield Vt St. Albans Vt / [?] Boston Mass; that I have known
the above named Margaret Gibson personally for two years and
know [him her} to be a native citizen of the United States; and that the facts stated in {his her} affidavit
are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

          Harold E. Coleman
          25 Mt Ida Rd
          Dorchester Mass

          Sworn to before me this 29 day
          of Oct 1919
          Mary E. Pendergast
          Deputy Clerk of the U.S. District Court at Boston

Applicant desires passport to be sent to the following address:
Margaret Gibson
24 Mt Ida Road
Dorchester, Mass

          A signed duplicate of the photograph to be attached
          hereto must be sent to the Department with the appli-
          cation to be affixed to the passport with an impression
          of the Department’s seal.

Note that the attestation was originally completed incorrectly, the entries crossed out and then completed correctly.

Note also that Margaret Gibson is called a native citizen, even though she was born in Ireland.

Margaret’s passport was to be sent to the address of Harold E. and Marietta E. Coleman in Dorchester, Massachusetts, not to her addresses in either Fairfield or St. Albans, Vermont.

Note also that Harold E. Coleman states that he resides in Boston and then gives his address as Dorchester. Even today, it seems to me that addresses in Dorchester are sometimes addressed to Boston, sometimes to Dorchester.

Finally, it appears that the copy of the photograph of Margaret and her children that I previously published was the copy attached to her actual passport, in accordance with the instructions on this page.

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