For My Mother – Part 5: The Burial

My mother, Jane A. Niedzialkowski Danko, was buried on 19 April 1980 in St. Francis Shrine – A, Row D, Grave 8 at Our Lady of Angels Cemetery in Albany, New York.

Casket of Jane Ann Niedzialkowski Danko

Jane A. Danko Interment at Our Lady of Angels Cemetery

SOURCE: Jane A. Danko Interment at Our Lady of Angels Cemetery. Photographer Unknown. Photographed 19 April 1980.

Grave of Jane Ann Niedzialkowski Danko

Grave of Jane A. Danko, Our Lady of Angels Cemetery

SOURCE: Grave of Jane A. Danko. Photographed by Stephen J. Danko. Date of photograph unknown.

The stone reads:



FRANCIS J.                    JANE A.
1924-                           1922-1980

Copyright © 2007 by Stephen J. Danko

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4 Responses to For My Mother – Part 5: The Burial

  1. Barbara Poole says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your mother. I am sure she is very proud reading what you wrote. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and allowing us into your world. Like several of the others who left comments, I doubt if I could ever write such a moving piece, I hope you are pleased.

  2. Steve, thank you for sharing this tribute of your mother with us. Through these posts we have learned a bit more about you as well as about your family! As others have said, it was indeed a very moving story. Thanks.

  3. Joseph G. V. Maciora says:

    Dear Stephen,
    I find your article beautiful and a great tribute to your mom. I am familiar with Our Lady of the Angels RC Cemetery as I went to graduate school in Albany in 1983-4. I liked the nice theme of the tombstone, too.


  4. I have read your stories and shared in your life,. I graduated from Vincentian in 1974. your stories brought back many memories of both the school and the families surrounding the church and school.Your cherished memories are so thoughtful that it brings me to what is important in life, the simple things,the delightful memories of pets,family dinners,sunday mass,backyard picnics on metal chairs painted lovingly every year, my children spending wonderful days with my parents as they came closer to aging, the giving nature of my parents unconditional love.Things that I so took for granted, and so very much miss. Thank you for reminding me and taking me on a trip home again. Best wishes with this work of love. Kathy Rapp Curran Slingerlands NY 9/27/10

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