Online Death Indexes

Online Death Indexes provide useful sources of birth and death information.  For the most part, these Death Indexes are transcriptions of other Indexes and are subject to the errors associated with transcriptions. offers the following State death indexes:

  • Alabama 1908-1959
  • Arkansas 1914-1950
  • California 1940-1997
  • Connecticut 1949-1971
  • Florida 1877-1998
  • Georgia 1919-1998
  • Idaho 1911-1951
  • Indiana 1882-1920
  • Kentucky 1911-2000
  • Louisiana 1900-1949
  • Maine 1960-1997
  • Massachusetts 1970-2003
  • Michigan 1971-1996
  • Minnesota 1908-2002
  • Montana 1907-2002
  • North Carolina 1908-1996
  • Ohio 1958-2002
  • Oregon 1903-1998
  • Rhode Island 1630-1930
  • South Carolina 1915-1952
  • South Dakota 1905-1955
  • Texas 1964-1998
  • Utah 1905-1951
  • Vermont 1981-2001
  • Washington 1940-1996
  • Wisconsin 1820-1907 also holds the following Provincial Death Indexes:

  • British Columbia 1872-1979
  • Ontario 1869-1932

Other significant online death indexes include:

My Great Aunt Mary is listed in the Massachusetts Death Index at  The information provided there includes:

  • Name:  Mary M. Golinski
  • Certificate Number:  045417
  • Death Place:  Worcester
  • Death Date: 18 Sep 1975
  • Birth Place:  Other
  • Birth Date:  —

For many of the entries in the Massachusetts Death Index, the birth date is provided.  Unfortunately, this is not the case for my Great Aunt Mary.  Nonetheless, the Death Index can certainly be considered a secondary source for death information and may even help locate the death certificate itself.

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4 Responses to Online Death Indexes

  1. joe says:

    Hey Steve,
    You and your readers might be interested in this website…

    Online Searchable Death Indexes & Records

    Happy searching.


  2. Melanie Fouse says:

    Hi Steve,
    Your readers in West Virginia can get images of documents of Birth, Marriage and Death records free online from also. Just click on the Archives tab at the top. Then click on Vital Records Research.

    Love the blog,

  3. Thanks for the addition, Joe! I have used the resources at your website before with great success. I just browsed through your site again and noticed that in addition to death indexes and records you’ve also included information on cemeteries and obituaries. Hmmm… maybe it’s time for me to write an entry on obituaries…

  4. Hi Melanie, thanks for the information! I always like to see images of vital records available online. Now I have to search my Family Tree Maker file and see if anyone was born, married, or died in West Virginia!

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