Searching for My Niedziałkowski Ancestors at the Family History Center

I spent a couple of hours this evening at my local Family History Center, searching the parish records from Pałuki.

Previously, I found the baptismal records for my 4th great grandfather, Tomasz Niedziałkowski, and his sister, Martina Anna Niedziałkowska. From those records I discovered that my 5th great grandparents were Ignace Niedziałkowski and Zofia Szamińska.

I then found the marriage record for Ignace and Zofia and the baptismal and death record for Ignace.

From Ignace’s baptismal record I learned that my 6th great grandparents were Krzysztof Niedziałkowski and Konstancja Żaboklicka.

The children of Krzysztof Niedziałkowski and Konstancja Żaboklicka were:

There records raise some questions, though. First, the mother of all these children (except Kazimierz and the two Katarzynas) is listed as Konstancja Żaboklicka or simply as Konstancja.

The mother of Kazimierz is listed as Konstancja Anna Żaboklicka. No real problem there. The mother of the first Katarzyna is listed as Katarzyna. Did the priest just make a mistake here, or is this the wrong person? The mother of the second Katarzyna is listed as Anna. This may be a problem, but a previous record listed the mother as Konstancja Anna, and this record may just identify the mother by her middle name, Anna.

A further question revolves around the two Katarzynas. The re-use of a given name in a single family usually indicates that the first child born with that name died young. There may be a death record for the first Katarzyna.

So, today I returned to the Family History Center to look for a death record for a Katarzyna Niedziałkowska, and to look for marriage records for Ignace’s siblings.

I found eight Niedziałkowskis/Niedziałkowskas in the death index, but the index only covers the period 1781-1820. Katarzyna would have died between 1729 and 1734. I’ll have to search the death records manually. 

I then looked for marriage records naming a Niedziałkowski/Niedziałkowska as groom/bride. Of the 19 records I found, only one that looked like it was a good match. That match was for Katarzyna Niedziałkowska who married Józef Obidziński on 22 Nov 1751. I then looked for children of this couple and found six:

  • Agnieszka, baptized 4 Jan 1756
  • Józefata, baptized 21 Feb 1758
  • Maryanna, baptized 08 Dec 1759
  • Faustyna, baptized 28 Feb 1762
  • Józef, baptized 9 Mar 1764
  • Józefata, baptized 21 Feb 1768

I didn’t have time to make copies of these records, but I can do so the next time I visit the Family History Center.

Copyright © 2007 by Stephen J. Danko

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