The Wedding of Franciszek Tropiło and Stanisława Krannerwetter

Franciszek Tropiło, the son of Jan Tropiło and Katarzyna Dańko, married Stanisława Krannerwetter.

Tropilo Wedding

The Wedding Photo of Franciszek Tropiło and Stanisława Krannerwetter

Photo reproduced with permission

I don’t know when or where the wedding of Franciszek Tropiło and Stanisława Krannerwetter took place, but it was probably in the 1930s in Nizankowice, the home village of the bride. Nizankowice was in Poland at the time of the wedding, but is now in Ukraine.

Most of the people in this photo are relatives of the bride. Three people, Katarzyna Dańko Tropiło, Franciszek Tropiło, and Marysia Tropiło were mentioned in the Biography of Katarzyna Dańko I posted yesterday.

Tropilo Wedding Mapped

In the top row are Helena (sister of the bride), Helena’s husband, Helena’s son, Kolumban Krannerwetter (uncle of the bride and brother of Andrzej Krannerwetter), the wife of Alojzy Krannerwetter, Alojzy Krannerwetter (brother of the bride), and Marysia Tropiło (adopted daughter of Katarzyna Dańko Tropiło).

In the bottom row are Jadwiga Krannerwetter (stepmother of the bride), Katarzyna Dańko Tropiło, Stanisława Krannerwetter Tropiło (the bride), Franciszek Tropiło (the groom and son of Katarzyna Dańko Tropiło), the bride’s grandmother, and Andrzej Krannerwetter (father of the bride).

Thanks so much to Kasia Tropiło who provided this photo and gave me permission to use it in my blog.

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  1. Janice Brown says:


    It is a lovely photograph, but I find it very interesting that no one is smiling. I understand why photographs taken earlier were time exposure that would cause facial blurs, but do you think that is true for this photo? Any ideas why this might be?


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