The Baptism of Katarzyna Niedziałkowska – 1734

On 21 Mar 1734, Katarzyna Niedziałkowska, sister of my 5th great grandfather Ignace Niedziałkowski, was baptized.

Baptismal Record of Katarzyna Niedzialkowska - 1734

The Baptismal Record of Katarzyna Niedziałkowska – 1734

SOURCE: Parafia Św. Gotarda (Pałuki, Ciechanów County, Mazovian Voivodeship, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth). Liber Baptisatorum ab Anno 1716 ad 1740 et Copulatorum ab Anno 1723 ad 1747, Księga II, p. 51, Katarzyna Niedziałkowski baptism (1734); FHL microfilm 1,496,612, item 11.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth and Baptismal Record of Katarzyna Niedziałkowska – 1734. Translated from the Latin, the record states:


On the 21st day of March I, Antoni Smosarski,  baptized a girl Katarzyna born of the noble Krzysztof Niedziałkowski and Konstancja, legitimately married.. The Godparents were Walenty Łoszewski and Przeciszewska. [one word] x x

As with other records from Klonowo, this record refers to a previous record to discover the year of the event.

The relevant record begins:


In the year of the Lord 1734

At the end of the record is a word (or possibly two words) that I can’t figure out. The word(s) are followed by two letters “X”, suggesting that someone signed this record. This is odd, since I haven’t seen any other records from this parish where anyone signed the record.

Also rather odd is the fact that, apparently, only the surname of the Godmother is provided.

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