The Death and Burial of Ignacy Niedziałkowski – 1718

On 28 Apr 1805, my 5th great grandfather, Ignacy Niedziałkowski, died. I copied this record from the microfilm at my local Family History Center on my way home from work on Wednesday night.

Death and Burial Record of Ignace Niedzialkowski - 1805

The Death Record of Ignacy Niedziałkowski – 1805

SOURCE: Parafia Św. Gotarda (Pałuki, Kreise Przasnysz, Departement Plozk, New East Prussia, Kingdom of Prussia). Liber Mortuorum ab Anno 1781 ad 1820, Księga III, p. 57, Ignacy Niedziałkowski death (1805); FHL microfilm 1,496,613, item 5.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Death Record of Ignacy Niedziałkowski – 1718. Translated from the Latin, the record states:

Location of Dwelling

Death Register of the Parish Church of Pałuki for the Year 1805, [page] 57.
On the 28th day of April in 1805, the noble Ignacy Niedziałkowski died [two words?] 97 years old , married from Kamienice administered the sacrament, buried in the cemetery –

Kind of Death
Death from old age

This record shows that Ignace was 97 years old at death but, since he was born in 1718, he was actually 87 years old when he died.

The record also has a reference to married from Kamienice administered the sacrament. This may mean he was married outside his own parish. This requires some additional investigation.

Note also the reference that Ignacy was from the nobility. This reference to the nobility of the Niedziałkowski family is also found in the records of Ignace’s children.

In this blog, I’ve tried to indicate the name of the place at the time the record was created. From 1795 to 1807, Klonowo and Pałuki were part of the Kingdom of Prussia, and so I’ve used the proper place names for that time period in the source description for this record: Pałuki, Przasnysz Kreis, Plozk Kammerdepartement, New East Prussia, Kingdom of Prussia.

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  1. I’m sure this has already occurred to you, Steve, but having an ancestor who was a member of the nobility ought to make tracing his genealogy a bit easier…provided the records are still in existence. You may be able to find more information about him and his family history that wouldn’t necessarily be available for the average farmer or laborer.

  2. Hi Miriam,

    Thanks for your comment. I had, indeed, heard that it’s easier to trace the ancestry of members of the nobility than it is to trace the ancestry of peasants. I have not, however, figured out where to look for the appropriate records. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction!


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