The Skowronski Family in the 1940 Worcester City Directory

Two of my Danko uncles married two Skowronski sisters.  The Skowronski families were listed in the 1940 edition of Polk’s Worcester (Worcester County, Mass.) City Directory.  There are (at least) three family groups listed.  The first is Alexander and Frances Skowronski, parents of Benjamin S., Chester S., and Edward.  The second is Paul and Mary Skowronski, parents of Charlotte, Edmund J., and Mary A.  I don’t know if or how the other Skowronskis in the directory fit into my family history.

1940 Worcester City Directory Entry for the Skowronski Family

1940 Worcester City Directory Entry for the Skowronski Family

SOURCE:  Massachusetts City Directories, Worcester 1940, p. 863, Skowronski Families; digital image, ( : accessed 02 March 2012); citing Polk’s Worcester (Worcester County, Mass.) City Directory Vol. 1940 XCVII, Boston MA: R. L. Polk & Co.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the 1940 Worcester City Directory Entry for the Skowronski Family.  The brief record states the following:

    • Alex (Alexander) Skowronski, husband of Frances, was employed as a moulder and was head of household at 3 Marion Ave
    • Benj (Benjamin) S. Skowronski, husband of Mary B., worked at DeLuxe Radio & Electrical Appliance Co.;  no address is given
    • Chester S. Skowronski was head of household at 26 Lodi
    • Edwd (Edward), husband of Bronis (Bronislawa) worked as a carpenter and was head of household at 10 Diamond St


    • Paul Skowronski, husband of Mary, worked as a moulder and was head of household at 183 Wash (Washington St)
    • Charlotte M. Skowronsky worked as a tie worker and resided at 183 Wash (Washington St)
    • Edmund J. Skowronski, husband of Blanch M.) worked as a laborer and was head of household at 21 Lafayette St
    • Mary A. Skowronsky worked as a tie worker and resided at 183 Wash (Washington St)

Using Steve Morse’s One-Step Webpages, I learned that the Skrowronski family’s residences in Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, USA was located in the following enumeration districts in the 1940 United States Federal Census:

    • 10 Diamond St:  23-121
    • 21 Lafayette St:  23-132
    • 26 Lodi St:  23-108
    • 3 Marion Ave:  23-102A
    • 183 Washington St:  23-107

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One Response to The Skowronski Family in the 1940 Worcester City Directory

  1. Paul F . Skowronski says:

    Hi Steve…

    As always thanks for this information.

    Alexander and Frances were the parents of your Uncle Joe’s wife Helen.
    Benjamin was my father and Helen’s sister. Mary B Radzik was his first wife.
    My father’s business (Deluxe Radio) was on Lafayette St in Worcester.
    Chester S was Benjamin’s youngest brother alive at the time of the census.
    Edward was Benjamin and Chester brother and Bronislawa (Bernice as we
    knew her, was his wife). I was unaware Edward (my uncle) was at anytime a carpenter. Thank you for this.

    Genevieve (wow first time I heard that name used) was married to Robert Sharron
    at the time, after his demise, she married your Uncle Mike. Both of her husbands served in the USN in WWII as did your Uncle Joe (US Army).

    Anthony, Frank and Viola (unsure).
    Anthony might be Tony Kirvalitis (sp?) husband of Mary (Mary’s father was Paul).
    However he is listed with Helen? May be someone else?
    Viola may be Violet…another daughter of Paul and Mary
    At that address 109 Endicott was a Helen…that may be your Uncle Joe’s future wife?
    She was 17 at the time and I know she was employed in that trade before the war.
    Only thing that may make me say it was not her is…at 17 yrs of age a different address and with people I can not place makes me wonder?

    The others, Charlotte, Edmund and Mary, were children of Paul and Mary (Paul was Alexander’s brother).

    Of all the above, I know, only Helen F (Skowronski) Danko (if that is her listed) is still alive and doing well!


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