The Death of Ignacy Izbicki – 1919

Ignacy Izbicki, son of Andrzej Izbicki and Wiktoria Bierdziewska, husband of Emilia Pachuka, died on 31 May 1919 in Norwich, New London County, Connecticut, USA.  His death was recorded in a ledger for the town of Norwich.

The Death Record of Ignacy Izbicki – 1919

The Death Record of Ignacy Izbicki – 1919

SOURCE:  Norwich (Connecticut), Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 26: 143, Ignacy Izbicki death, 1919; FHL Microfilm 1,311,442, Item 1.

The image above is a composite image from the ledger, cropped to emphasize the information for this individual.  Click on the link for a PDF copy of the death record of Ignacy Izbicki.  The ledger states:

  • The death of Ignacy Izbicki was recorded in vol. 26, page 143 of the death ledger for the town of Norwich, Connecticut in 1919;
  • He died at 46 Roath St in Norwich, Connecticut; there were two families in the house;
  • He was a married, white male, born in Poland on an unspecified date, and died on 31 May 1919 at age 53 years;
  • His father was Andrew Izbicki [Andrzej Izbicki] and his mother was Victoria Bierdzo [Wiktoria Bierdziewska], both born in Poland;
  • The primary cause of death was cancer of stomach from which he suffered for 1 year;
  • The contributory cause of death was not provided;
  • The physician was E. J. Brophy, MD; he was buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetery; the undertaker was Cummings & Ring.

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  1. I like how you display your vital record information for your Connecticut family. Especially the header, and then listing important details. I’ll be following all your CT lines, hoping our families lived on the same street!

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