The Birth of Edwina Izbicki – 1915

Edwina (also known as Ida or Harriet) Izbicki, daughter of Jan Izbicki and Aleksandra Jakubowska, was born on 01 May 1915 in Norwich, New London County, Connecticut, USA.  Her birth was recorded in a ledger for the town of Norwich.

The Birth Record of Edwina Izbicki - 1915

The Birth Record of Edwina Izbicki – 1915

SOURCE:  Norwich (Connecticut), Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 25: 64, Edwina Izbicki birth, 1915; FHL Microfilm 1,311,441, Item 2.

The image above is a composite image from the ledger, cropped to emphasize the information for this child.  Click on the link for a PDF copy of the birth record of Edwina Izbicki.  The ledger states:

  • The birth of Edwina (Ida) Izbicki was recorded in vol. 25, page 64 of the birth ledger for the town of Norwich, Connecticut in 1915;
  • She was a female child born at 46 Roath St on 01 May 1915;
  • Her father was John Izbicki [Jan Izbicki], a 29 year old white weaver from Russia residing in Norwich, Connecticut;
  • Her mother was Alexandra Jakubowski [Aleksandra Jakubowska], a 21 year old white woman from Russia;
  • The mother had one child in all, and one child still living;
  • The certifying physician was H E Higgins, MD.

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