The Birth of Regina Izbicki – 1908

Regina Izbicki, daughter of Stanisław Izbicki and Mary A. Krzesiewska, was born on 25 October 1908 in Norwich, New London County, Connecticut, USA.  Her birth was recorded in a ledger for the town of Norwich.

The Birth Record of Regina Izbicki – 1908

The Birth Record of Regina Izbicki – 1908

SOURCE:  Norwich (Connecticut), Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 24: 41, Regina Izbicki birth, 1908; FHL Microfilm 1,311,441, Item 1.

The image above is a composite image from the ledger, cropped to emphasize the information for this child.  Click on the link for a PDF copy of the birth record of Regina Izbicki.  The ledger states:

Regina Izbicki’s birth was recorded in Vol. 24, Page 41 in the birth ledger for the town of Norwich, Connecticut in the year 1908;

  • She was a female child born at 10 Golden St on 25 October 1908;
  • Her father was Stanislaus Izbicki [Stanisław Izbicki], a 37 year old white laborer from Poland residing in Norwich, Connecticut;
  • Her mother was Mary Krzesiewska [Marianna Krzeszewska?], a 24 year old white woman from Poland;
  • The mother had two children in all, and two children still living;
  • The certifying physician was William Witter, MD.

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