The Marriage of François Gamache and Osythe Martin – 1837

I’ve found the records of seven children born to François Gamache and Osithe Martin. Tracing the records back further in time, I found the marriage record for the couple in the records of the parish of St. Cyprien in Napierville, Napierville Co., Lower Canada, Province of Canada in 1837.

The Marriage Record of Francois Gamache and Osythe Martin - 1837

The Marriage Record of François Gamache and Osythe Martin – 1837

SOURCE: Gabriel Drouin, comp. Drouin Collection. Montreal, Québec, Canada: Institut Généalogique Drouin. Marriage Record of François Gamache & Osythe Martin, Parish of St. Cyprien, Napierville, Napierville Co., Lower Canada, Province of Canada, 1837. Back of Folio 38, M.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Record of François Gamache and Osythe Martin – 1837. Translated from the French, the record states:


On the twenty-sixth of September, one thousand eight hundred thirty-seven, after the publication of three banns of marriage made at the homilies of our parish masses, between François Gamache, laborer of legal age, son of François Gamache and Marguerite Leblanc, the father and mother, of this parish, of the first part, and Osythe Martin of this parish, of legal age, daughter of Nicolas Martin and the deceased Marie Giroux, the father and mother, also of this parish of the second part; not finding any impediment to said marriage, we, the undersigned priest of this parish, ”’ have received their mutual consent of marriage and have given them the nuptial benediction in the presence of Daniel Firsterer and Magloire Lemmelin, witnesses of the groom, and Etienne Bonnel and Joseph Trahan, witnesses of the bride, who have signed with us, the others of the groom are not able to sign.

D[aniel] Finsterer Fran cois magloir lemlain
Etienne Bonnelle
Ousite Martin Nicolas Martin
NL Amiot, Priest

”’the Consent
of the parents
of the underage parties

The priest left out a phrase in the marriage record, which he added in the margin to the left of the record. The place where the phrase was inserted in the text is marked by three strokes ”’.

Oddly enough, the text states that the bride and groom were of legal age, but the annotation in the left margin states that they had the consent of the parents of the underage parties. Perhaps I haven’t translated this correctly.

The spelling of the names in the text often differs from the spelling of the same names in the signatures at the bottom of the record. This record presents two new spellings of the bride’s given name, Osithe, where it is spelled Osythe in the text and Ousite in the signature.

One of the witnesses is named Magloire Lemmelin in the text and Francois Magloir Lemlain in the signature section. In the signature, the witness left a distinct space in his first name and failed to capitalize his middle and last names.

This record can be found on on image 41 of 64 in the records for Napierville St-Cyprien for the year 1837. The record appears on the back of folio 38.

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